Go to Nara, into a deer elf surrounded by dreams

? Will tour attractions TOP3:


Nara park?

Nara is the hometown of deer, Nara Park, the road everywhere cute deer. Nara park is located in Nara City, wakakusa foothills of the urban park, Todaiji Temple, Kasuga and Nara places of historic interest and scenic beauty here, is Nara’s will to swim in. Which is the best way to walk leisurely and carefree tour of the park, there are the most concentrated deer, the deer is also the largest viewing point visitors feeding Meng meng.



2. if the grass hill?

if the Grass Mountain is located near Todaiji Temple and Kasuga, about 350 meters high, can climb when spring and autumn tourists. Climb the hillside can see the scenery of Nara. If the most famous grass hill is known as the "grass burning mountain" activities, held in January each year in order to set off fireworks and burning mountains of traditional activities.


3. spring day club

is located in Nara Park flying wild side, the earliest spring agency is dedicated to the God of the land, then it seems ushered in the four gods, spring agency also became the State Sacrificial place.


the whole society was rebuilt in 1863, but still maintained the original appearance of the era of peace.

on the way to the spring club, on both sides of the stone lamp is very distinctive. The ancient stone lamp, all of a sudden people feel the vicissitudes of the times, do not have a flavor. Details of the control can also be found, there is still a stone on the shadow of the deer.

about deer:

Kansai will do, is about to go to Nara Park fawn! But don’t look cute, in fact, the character is very hot ~

Nara deer was a free spirit, gluttony, some gentle, some savage.


deer birth peak in mid May to mid June, so in June to see the deer, just out of antlers. Just shortly after the birth of the deer, not only stay adorable full, and their character than adult deer more docile, to see the elves deer it is also summer the benefits of.


if they don’t have a deer cookie, they don’t care! Look to eat will have to get to the top of your manners, all bow to deer for food, not polite deer will bite your stomach ~

The 17 most popular curry sausage shops in Germany

The 17 most popular curry sausage shops in Germany

talk about sausage Kingdom street food, the most popular can be a number of curry sausage. In Germany, where the flow of people, within a radius of a hundred paces, there will be a hot business curry sausage shop.

how long it is worth – Curry 36, Berlin (Berlin)

the most authentic Berlin snacks, even if it is rainy days, Curry 36 stores will be lined up in front of people. Although Berlin curry sausage shop without counting, but this is still worth waiting for. Sausage baked quickly, but it will not affect the taste; sausage can choose to have skin or peeled, taste is not the same. Try one by one!

no spicy not happy – Best Worscht in Town, Frankfurtam Main (Frankfurt)

curry sausage and spicy? Yes, Frankfurt has more than just green curry sauce, the sausage shop features is the sauce, for no spicy unhappiness should be a good choice, but to do Oh, B+ sauce is the equivalent of Hot pot is said to eat spicy, F diners is no pain.

Q curry Sausage – Bratwursthaus, Bochum (Bochum)

really want to taste the curry sausage in the university town of Bochum, that this shop is a good choice, soft and elastic with curry sausage, will become your memory in Bochum delicious memories; in addition, the store also recommended Pilsner and taste the supper. Is a must.

great vegetarian sausage – CurryKartell, Mainz (Mainz)

is a vegetarian, but would you like to try some of the delicious curry sausages? This shop in Mainz can be said to be designed to meet the students and try to vegetarian, the vegetarian curry sausage shop has been the default for the surrounding the best curry sausage shop. The store’s homemade sauce, there are a lot of different exotic French fries sauce, side dishes and drinks, not only to meet the mouth, but also to meet curiosity.

locally grown ingredients – Martha ‘s, Stuttgart (Stuttgart)

in Stuttgart’s Curry sausage shop, all the ingredients are from the local. Needless to say the taste of sausage, surprisingly, the store is actually the most popular French fries, crisp and tender, very delicious! The only regret is that the food is ready for a long time, but when you eat the first one will think it is worth the wait.

sausage with Curry, Dü sseldorf (> Dusseldorf

Flowers open! Haikou spring festival flowers to send the route! Let’s get together!

in the north, have always been dubbed Snow gleams white. situation. From the head to the foot of the armed, eyeful are all gray and white, although there are red lanterns and couplets dotted among them, but there is always some color and vitality.

but in the new year in Hainan, the island of enthusiasm, always surprise to the guests a little color to see. New Huacheng new Haikou, the Spring Festival and the family or about 35 friends together to enjoy the flowers, not to have a taste!

Binhai Park triangle plum blossom show

golden flowers of spring, yingxiang. The triangle plum exhibition invited 51 provinces inside and outside the enterprise and individual exhibitors were from Hainan (Haikou, Sanya), Guangdong (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan), Guangxi (Nanning), Yunnan (Kunming, Yiliang), Fujian (Zhangzhou, Xiamen), Shanghai, 10 counties in 7 provinces of Sichuan. Through the characteristics of the triangle plum display, combined with a variety of shapes, such as triangle plum art show, to the public visitors to show unusual Bougainvillea and a wide variety of Bougainvillea art works.


exhibited a total of 80 kinds of flower bougainvillea, lemon yellow, red, Roseville double joy, Monalisa, cherry, red cherry, green orange, dark spots and small pink ice.

triangle plum maze: to triangle plum combine with other flowers and plants, to create fun interactive plant maze, for the public to play.

triangle plum waterfall: the use of the park terrain to create a waterfall from the top of the Pentium, the formation of the face, the magnificent plant landscape.

triangle plum sea : the use of Bougainvillea and seasonal flowers to create a landscape with flowers, to provide visitors with a view to stop the beautiful scenery.

: the response of Maritime Silk Road Landscape lighthouse, a symbol of the beacon of hope standing in the lake, to illuminate the whole lake, a ship triangle plum ship pilot, gorgeous lighting for the flower show spice.

address: Binhai Road in Longhua District of Hainan province Haikou City Taihua intersection southwest

Hainan flower world

Hainan flower world is located in the beautiful scenery of the South Bridge crossing the river, covers an area of 300 acres, is approved by the district government approval, Joan Haikou municipal government "the Haikou municipal key forestry project", it sets potted flower planting, cultivation, display as a whole, so far, a potted flower in our province and related industrial trading platform. The flowers have been used in the world and the opening of the functional areas include: Flower area, bonsai area, landscape nursery area, Chinese and foreign famous park, integrated area, research area, leisure area, flower;

You can rely on your taste to conquer it, but put together the festival culture –

You can rely on your taste to conquer it, but put together the festival culture – tourism Sohu

is generally a long history of the ancient city, has a unique food culture, Beijing, Xi’an, Kaifeng is also true. Kaifeng snacks, snacks can be more than the night market, and gradually formed a unique night market culture. Just ask a native where to eat snacks, he may recommend Gulou west division this night for you, everyone has their own love of the night and snack bar, of course there is a better indoor environment delicacy street, such as song Royal Street in the city on the river street.

recently this time, the evening of Kaifeng more beautiful than the day. January 20th -2 month 20 days are held the Lantern Festival opening song, if you are lucky enough to go to the park pavilion, Tianbo Yang Fu, Tower Park, any part of the ancient city wall and the moat song will revel in the magnificent, the lantern, as if returned to Tokyo Bianliang bustling thousands of years ago, this is one of the it focused on creating the festival culture.

traditional culture return to daily life, since the Northern Song Dynasty Kaifeng has a thousand years of the lantern festival culture, has a long history and far-reaching impact. Description of the Lantern Festival poetry too many to count, the most representative is Xin Qiji’s first "Qing Yu An:" spend the night of dongfeng. More trees, stars like rain. BMW carving. To Kaifeng to see, you know what Xin Qiji said.

beauty intoxicated with the eyes, but also need to conquer the taste buds. Longting park south gate over 100 meters distance, song Royal Street of the city on the river street is my favorite. Kaifeng snacks, you can count out a few? Steamed chicken, soup dumplings, almond tea, fried jelly, sweet potato mud…

as early as one thousand years ago in the Northern Song Dynasty, it is in the soup dumplings snacks. Wang Lou and cave, known as the "Tokyo plum bun" Kaifeng first". Today, soup dumplings opened throughout the famous restaurant high streets and back lanes, but still have to wait to taste.

"put down like a chrysanthemum, like a lantern lift, Kaifeng soup wrapping thin delicious, sweet and juicy, fillings are rich, if you think the soup dumplings to eat meat stuffing too greasy, not a vegetable dish stuffing dumplings.

in the opening of the table, there will always be a special dish, chicken. Chicken and it is boiled salted duck and Nanjing. General tourists first heard "chicken" this name, will naturally think of "Spring Chicken", this is a mistake. Chicken is because of its beauty, such as full circle hollow barrel shape and come.

native chicken eat, eat is a feeling. With 2-3 years of hen, cooked in a hundred years old in meateviscerate, slice, is different from the ordinary chicken made of exquisite delicacy soft rotten, chicken is very crisp. Eat chicken to taste, the more chewing the more fragrant, aged aroma deeply into the soup in the chicken.

Take you to different Chinese years

Take you to different Chinese years

BC Province, Canada: on the other side of the Pacific encounter better

God left the world a better place to keep on the other side of the Pacific — BC canada. Here, the warm sunshine and fresh air and sea fusion, alternating fragrant forest wide, tall oak tree instead of the TV Tower, the vast sky to replace the neon lamp, everything seems to live in a hundred years ago the old photos, which under the pen of Steinbeck that sincere and beautiful world.

At the beginning of the new year

, time to put down the busy work and miscellaneous chores, give a comprehensive terribly fatigued physical and mental relaxation and treatment. Along the winding trail, to explore the reality of the outside world, embrace the gift to the beautiful scenery, washing disgraceful soul, encounter a better you inadvertently.

    take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday, give yourself a real holiday. As in the lyrics, "throw away the TV, throw the computer, throw away the brain, and then throw away the trouble", away from the interference of the electromagnetic wave of electronic equipment, into the embrace of nature. From the hustle and bustle of the city to arrive at the moment in BC Province, when the yoga, SPA and spa experience becomes accessible, healthy food can be seen everywhere, just know what is the real enjoyment.

    West Coast yoga & SPA

    Canada’s west coast in winter, there is always a different kind of peace. Walk on the Pacific coast, there is boundless blue sea and the white sails are tiny spots, behind a whole piece of a wild profusion of vegetation of forest.

    lying on the soft chair SPA room, the ear is out of the window lapping waves of sound and Beach Forest and the birds. Coated with mud is rich in minerals, with the massage in place, that moment, have been completely relax from hair to toes. You can also take a traditional yoga class in a warm, natural, yoga room, focusing on every breath, by meditation and stretching to inject energy into your body. The yoga teacher taught ancient yoga philosophy, the dust can also help you brushed the heart.

    on the tip of the tongue in the province of BC province BC source: Canadian BC Provincial Tourism Bureau photographer: Edible Canada

    who says health and delicious can not have both? As a paradise for food lovers, BC has always been a healthy and delicious food. As delicate as food, there is an excellent dining atmosphere.

    speaking of Canada, many people first come to mind is all over the mountains and plains maple, and you know, maple creates a natural maple syrup. Maple syrup is rich in minerals and organic acids, while maintaining the sweetness and contain very low heat, is the most healthy carbohydrate. Might as well as Canadian natives, put a little