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The "2016 Shenyang Marathon: night run attracted 15000 players – Beijing, Beijing in September 8 Shenyang Xinhua (Zhang Ying)" the 2016 Shenyang Marathon Organizing Committee announced on 8 in the Shenyang Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference, the preparations for the event, has entered the stage. The marathon for the night run, according to Chi sports group statistics, attracted a total of 15000 players participated in the tournament, against the background of night running atmosphere, set the music track gas station. At present, the track measurement has been completed in accordance with international standards, and determine the starting point and the specific location of the 4 points. 8 afternoon, all the judges, volunteers and staff conducted a full field drill. Tournament supervisor from the Shenyang Sport University, the referee by the Shenyang Sport University teachers, Shenyang and the surrounding city referees, the total number of nearly 250 people. The volunteers are made up of 750 students from Shenyang Sport University. Organizing committee members of the organizing committee has been refined division of labor. Shenyang Urban Construction Bureau completed the 5 road maintenance of the road required for the event, the surrounding landscape to enhance the transformation of the marathon track and the transformation of the park in the transformation of the work of the five Lane River park. Shenyang Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau on the city law enforcement and security work carried out a specific deployment of the race line conducted a full inspection and field scheduling. More than 16000 police officers in Shenyang City Public Security Bureau organizations involved in security work, the public security organs at all levels have entered a state of war and security, to track and track the surrounding terrain of the security check, during the event will also be on the regional party and government organs, train stations, bustling commercial District, square, Metro Transit Hub, such as schools and hospitals to take the strict patrol prevention and control work. Shenyang City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment deployed a total force of 1530 people, in the race will be phased route traffic control, arrange vehicles around and carry out traffic recovery according to time. Shenyang Wei Planning Commission is responsible for strengthening the seamless convergence of medical care, the implementation of emergency personnel, emergency equipment and emergency vehicles, a clear emergency point. Shenyang City Transportation Bureau and Metro headquarters responsible for traffic flow, increase capacity, delay service, free service and other work arrangements. 2016 Shenyang marathon will be held in Shenyang on September 10th at 17. The marathon is held in Shenyang, the second marathon, but also created a precedent for the Shenyang marathon night run. (end)相关的主题文章: