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27 year old Liu Zige exposure will marry 50 year old teacher had 1 million 700 thousand for him to buy Land Rover   Sports – Sohu; Olympic champion Liu Zige and his coach to get married! According to the surging news reporter was informed that the Beijing Olympic Games women’s 200 meter butterfly gold medal winner Liu Zige will be married with 50 year old mentor Kim Weixi. According to the "Oriental Sports Daily" reported that there are insiders revealed that they will be 24 this month in Beijing. Come to Shanghai training at the age of 15, Jin Wei has been the head coach Liu Zige, in her simple life, Jinwei coach bear responsibility to take care of her basic necessities of life. When the 19 year old Liu Zige won the Beijing Olympic swimming team China when the only gold medal, the water cube applause than Phelps staged a miracle. After the game, surging news reporters kept in the athletes before the bus point, waiting for the interview and coach Jin Wei. From the first time that Jinwei mouth, Liu Zige has no mobile phone. I do not need a cell phone, usually to contact his family, call on the line." Even after two years as an Olympic champion, she still did not have a cell phone, there is no way to find a coach on the line." As the only swimming champion of the Beijing Olympic Games, Liu Zige has been sought after by many advertisers. She declined various endorsements, only in the swimming center arrangement, took two of the most simple advertising, the combined income is only 16 thousand and 600 yuan. Refused the endorsement fees and advertising fees with extreme ease, Liu Zige was out of pocket to buy a 1 million 700 thousand yuan worth of Land Rover cars to coach Jinwei, along the way to pay their thanksgiving. That year, Jin Wei in order to build a swimming training base, to sell his car. "When he was young, he took us to the show, and then he said, he likes Land Rover, we remember." Liu Zige said that a group of young people with a desire to join the swimming team: who will help the coach on the results of the first car. But in December 2014, Hongkong public sports reported Liu Zige and Jin Wei to receive a marriage certificate, then in an interview "Jinwei" chinanews.com is extremely angry. "The media is crazy now! It is the biggest joke in the world! Also used to verify it? If you say something ambiguous, even if it’s a bit of lace news, I don’t hear it. How can you make such a thing?" "How did it come about? The world there is no justice, there is no justice! Only a week, the world has changed. This is what the media, can sue?" And in the past few years, Liu Zige has been plagued by injuries, Jinwei repeatedly persuaded her to retire, after all her physical health and injury in different year. "She is not for fame and fortune, but for the love of swimming." Once and Liu Zige together to create a 200 meter butterfly Chinese era Jiao Liuyang wrote in the circle of friends.相关的主题文章: