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50 square meters of small Japanese Beauty – Sohu turned the old house renovation case, see a set of 50 square meters of space transformation, not only is a large-sized apartment, and second-hand housing renovation considerably. 50 square meters of second-hand housing, to create a Japanese style, absolutely fierce, shocking. 50 square meters of the old house renovation case, with the view from the old single house old house turned into a modern warm and comfortable leisure beauty. Japanese style, there are fresh pastoral temperament, it is very good, to see the heart, to learn quickly. Although there is no old house photos for comparison, but can still feel small, couples in order to transform the old house to spend a lot of thought, we have to take a look at it. Inside the living room, warm and lovely home style, full of the whole room. Next to the living room is an open kitchen. Bedroom door. Walk into the bedroom. Romantic decorative lights. Sofa leisure area. Bright balcony, designed as a leisure table. Sofa. Leisure table, can also be bedridden, friends come, there are also redundant places to live. Television. Look at it another way. Kitchen. Kitchen interior. Mesa design. Fridge sticker. Kitchen details. Bathroom door. Wash pool close shot. Storage cabinet. Bathroom interior. Toilet bowl. Shower area. The shower area is next to the toilet. Bedroom. Lying in bed, very soft. From another point of view, details. Cabinet. Piaochuang. Storage cabinet. Small decoration. Look at the kitchen again. Plants rack. Local. Toilet. (content comes from the network, copyright belongs to the original author) – on the "home" – home, a home O2O electronic business platform. We are committed to building an ideal home and a lifestyle with the user. Search micro signal: wutuojia, free subscription of practical home information, decoration experience, exquisite decoration effect diagram, to be a person who understands life.

50平米小户变身日式美宅-搜狐   老房子装修改造案例,看到的是一套50平米的空间改造,不仅是小户型,而且是二手房,装修改造相当厉害。50平米二手房,打造日式风格,绝对的厉害,让人震惊啊。50平米老房子装修改造案例,一起来看从陈旧单一的老屋旧宅变身成现代温馨惬意的休闲美宅。日式风格中还有清新的田园气质,实在是很不错,看了就让人心动,赶紧来学习。      虽然没有旧屋时的照片作对比,但是仍然可以感觉出,小夫妇为了改造旧屋花费了不少心思,我们来一起看看吧。      客厅内部,温馨又可爱的家居风格,充满整个房间。      客厅旁边就是开放式厨房。      卧室门口。      走进卧室。      浪漫的装饰灯。      沙发休闲区。      明亮的阳台,设计成休闲台。      沙发。      休闲台,也可兼做卧床,朋友来了也有多余的地方可以住。      电视。      换个角度看。      厨房。      厨房内部。      台面设计。      冰箱贴。      厨具细节。      卫生间门口。      洗漱池近景。      收纳柜。      浴室内。      马桶。      淋浴区。      淋浴区在马桶旁边。      卧室。      卧床,非常柔软。      换个角度看,细节处。      柜子。      飘窗。      收纳柜。      小装饰。      再看一眼厨房。      绿植挂架。      局部。      卫生间。(内容来源于网络,版权归原作者所有)   ― 关于「乌托家」―   乌托家,一个家居O2O电商平台。我们致力于和用户一起打造一个理想的家、一种自己想要的生活方式。搜索微信号:wutuojia,免费订阅实用的家居资讯、装修经验,精美装修效果图,做个懂生活的人。相关的主题文章: