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UnCategorized Children need to be given self defense training. They need to be able to recognize threatening people. They need to be able to know when and where to run. Our children’s lives depend on it, because there are some dangerous and crazy people in this world. Edwin Pellecier, a ten year old, and his cousin Jesse Ramirez, a seven year old, died last week as a result of head injuries. Joe Sauceda Gallegos, age thirty six, was arrested for the attack. He reportedly repeatedly struck the two young boys, with what is believed to be a baseball bat or something like one, while they were playing in a park in Phoenix. Gallegos was charged with two counts of child abuse, dangerous crimes against children, and two counts of first degree murder. Investigators say he followed the boys to the park, attacked them and then just walked back home. Joe Sauceda, Gallegos’s uncle, later told police that Gallegos had told authorities six months ago that he killed his sons two boys that are the same ages as Pellecier and Ramirez in his attic. Yet no convictions were made and nothing ever came of the statement because no victims were ever found at his house. This story disgusts me. I think about one of my friend’s children, who are about the same ages as these victims. Who does it make you think about? Your neighbor’s child? Your niece or nephew? Your OWN child? Our kids HAVE to be protected, and since we cannot be there one hundred percent of the time, it is imperative that they know how to handle their own. These days, children are being left home alone when they are seven and eight years old so their parents can take a trip to the store. What if, during those twenty minutes, a child predator were to show up at your door? Would your child know what to do? The goals of the Child Safety Course and Youth Safety Course at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute are to increase your children’s chances of survival. All though it is a firearms training institute, no, the courses do not teach your kids how to shoot a gun. Under close professional supervision, they will learn things like how to be aware of their surroundings, how to identify possibly threatening people, how and when to yell and run for safety, how to defend themselves in violent situations, how to be aware of internet predators and how to resist peer pressure. There will be active role playing so you can be sure your child or teen will fully be prepared to handle any real life situations, should the need arise. When it comes down to it, why would you NOT want your child to be safe? Front Sight’s program is the best way to ensure their safety. Your children will leave their first course feeling more confident in themselves and with skills that most children their ages need but do not have. Help save your children’s lives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: