Why To Buy A Certain Mr. X 李敖暴瘦插鼻胃管 司机冲进晨练队伍

Football In the flicker of a summer, after Milan"s so-called "X President" is still giving birth. In external circumstances can not help themselves, Allegri choose self "X President" in the trial of the teenager has Maluo Di, Ai Manu Mickelson after his latest guinea pigs became Antonini. However, the fact that this tactic the "X President, " Milan do not have, and must buy. Because injuries and leave a large area, join the Rossoneri TIM Cup, the actual equivalent of second-tier team. Against Juve starter, can be regarded as absolutely the main, perhaps only Nesta and Mark van Bommel. Antonini with cheap football shirts starting appearance, standing on the left half position, which is his warm-up tournament play this summer, the third position. The entire 45 minutes, called Antonini performance due diligence, active defense with the attack but the basic insulation, and the ball near the sideline on the sidewalks, many points where compression of the Ta Yiwo assists space, not only failed to form a playmaker, on the contrary restricted the wing onrush. By Alegre on the "X President" to good defensive attack, to pass the organization, the requirements can look forward runs attack, Antonini with Cheap ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE football shirts is clearly a failure. Although everyone knows that only TIM Cup test array, and Antonini and can not be "X President, " but it is precisely such a test, so that Milan high-level understand, "X President" is a must buy. For Milan Now, there is a common theme, that is not how to play Ibrahim. Allegri had the reason to buy a attacking midfielder to lower into the "avant-garde side to play attacking midfielder, " is because knowledge, and value the ability Ibrahimovic retracement of the ball. From the start of last season, Ibrahimovic is the Rossoneri playmaker, goal assists, two pairs of season is the best proof. At the same time, when the Rossoneri without Ibrahimovic MANCHESTER CITY Soccer jerseys wholesale , the offensive has been restricting the low efficiency of the team to new heights, especially in first attacking midfielder Boateng has been definitely is the case, a very critical by the organizers after this Seedorf also directly determines the one-year contract. TIM Cup 90-minute match with Juventus, Milan also claim to have attacked the team rely on Boateng"s aura of tough times and Cassano threat Storari guarded the door and made a goal. But when the big Boateng end, Cassano become mediocre after Milan attack is basically disappeared. 45-minute match with Inter Milan, in addition to that small Boateng header, the Rossoneri could not threaten the basic Inter goal, and when Cassano with MANCHESTER CITY home Soccer jerseys wholesale end, the Milan playmaker turned into Ai Manu Wilson a debut play left-back, still not sure whether to stay in Milan players, the game then Milan midfielder became disorderly Daojiao band Luan, clueless at all. Offensive last minute when Ai Manu Wilson 2 ball and Ambrosini crash, on the sidelines of Allegri is the look of frustration. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: