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Home-and-Family Prepagos or Not a prepago? This is a very sticky issue, many guys want to know, if the girl they are dating is a prepago or not a prepago. You really have to evaluate on your own. The need for money is the motive to become a prepago. If the Colombian women is from a rich family and from a good family, she is least likely to be a prepago. If she comes from a poor famiily and comes from a broken family she is more likely to be a prepago. I will give you some rules to evaluate, you can use your own judgement. If she is rich, has good education, she has a good job, she comes from a unified family, she lives with her father and mother then she is least likey to get into the sex trade. Evaluate her family, fathers can be very protective and can be good mentors. If she has a father, who she has a very close relationship with and is living with him, she is very very unlikey to work for money. If on the other hand , she come from a poor neighborhood like Bello, Buenos Aires, Guajabal, Robelo areas of Medellin, she is more likely to work or have worked in the sex trade. Spring break Colombia does have a Spring break , it is usually in December during Christmas break. Many college kids will go to Santa Marta or San Andreas Island. Everything you can expect from typical American Spring break you can expect that in Colombia. Internet use Many girls do not have computers or internet at home, most of them access Email using Cyper Cafe’s at the malls. They will not access email or MSN every day. They will acess Email only ones of twice a week. Some girls who can afford or women who are working can afford internet at home. Internet is about 80,000 peso per month, compared to a minimum monthly wage of 500,000 peso a month. For poor or middle class families this could be very expensive. Cyper Cafe’s usually charge about 1000 peso per 10 min. If Colombian girls are very cryptic in there Email, this is why. They have to pay to write Emails. If you are calling your mother on Mothers day and the phone lines are $100 USD a min, what will you say !, I love you mom ! and you will hand up. Same with Colombian Girls , the just give you there phone or Email so you can call them. It is normal, do not think they are not writing you much. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: