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Business A lot of people are concerned about not being able to build an email list as easily as they used to. True, that is a problem these days, because people are sick to death of getting spam messages and never ending pitches for the latest and greatest must-have product. A lot of people put off building a list because they think they need thousands of subscribers to make any money. But the truth is that if you build the RIGHT kind of list, it doesn’t need to be huge to make a really good living. If you haven’t begun marketing by using email yet, the most important factor for you is to get started. One of the most vital assets any enterprise can own are receptive lists of prospects and customers. These two List Building Principles that can make your email marketing a lot more profitable. Principle 1 – Treat Your Readers Like Good Friends The first step in building a responsive email list is to have the mindset of always treating the people who do subscribe to your list really well. This has two big benefits: Your emails will be forwarded to friends and family much more often. And your readers will be much more likely to buy the products you recommend when you make an offer or run a promotion. If you work hard at building a relationship with each person on your list, you are going to see a profound change in your marketing results. Give your readers useful advice that truly HELPS them, even if they never buy anything from you. By approaching your subscribers from a position of service, you’ll be able to make as much money from a list of a just a hundred or a thousand people as some of the ‘gurus’ make from huge lists that never buy anything. So I guess the elephant in the room is how do you build a list of people like this? The easiest way is to go out and find out exactly what your market is starving for. What are the issues keeping them awake at night? What problems do they have that they’d happily pay money to be rid of? Principle 2 – Help People First, Before You Ask For Money When you identify exactly what your readers really would like to have, give them the ideas or resources they need to take the first few steps towards a solution. Once you’ve helped them to get started, they are going to count on you way more than they did when they initially signed up, and you can start to offer them products or services that help them get the rest of the way to the solution they are looking for. Profitable email marketing is not about pitching one product after another without a break. Ideally you should only have one product recommendation for every 4 or 5 pieces of useful content you send. You can mention a product in each message if you’re really aggressive, but think about how you feel when you get pitched all the time. Yeah, not much fun is it? A Couple Of Important Last Thoughts If you write to your readers like they were your family and friends, they’re going to look forward to hearing from you much more than if you just send pitch emails all the time. And if you DO what I’m recommending here, you’re going to make a lot more money because people will start to buy your product recommendations. Just think about what Frank Kern calls The Mysterious Stranger – which is shorthand for his email subscribers. Your ‘Mysterious Stranger’ could make you rich – just like they have for Frank. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: