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Health A big contributor to the health care crisis we face is the concern of people who worry about coming down with a devastating illness, and the feared high costs associated with major medical problems. The logical way to look at this is to understand that any illness is either "self induced" or "an act of God". When I say "self induced" I am speaking of any disease or illness one comes down with because their body is not healthy enough to ward it off such as "common colds" or "headaches" just to mention a couple. Or how about being involved in a car accident because one was driving too fast, or ski accidents, or more complicated problems because you are overweight and eat too much contributing to high blood pressure and other problems. The other source of illness I call "acts of God" and would include birth defects, inherited tendencies to such problems as diabetes, etc. But I think MOST illnesses are life style problems and here there is relief. If a person eats properly and exercises regularly, that person will eliminate well over FIFTY PERCENT of the "possible" illnesses or diseases that one could possibly come down with. Being healthy is not easy, it takes work, but it is a whole lot more fun to live a healthy life style than to be sick most of the time. You should try it!! My answer to the posed question: I am a firm believer that most of our medical problems come as a result of our life style. All of you self-pity people out there are not going to like being made to feel guilty because you cannot lose weight, or you don’t have time to exercise, or you don’t have time to prepare good foods. My response to you is BUNK! If it is something you want to do you will find time to do it. It is your life!!! While I am talking about "life" it is necessary to understand a very basic principle about our existence. One cannot go to a doctor and get healed any more than taking medications will provide healing. The only thing in life you and I own that provides healing is our body and it is imperative we take care of it. However, if you are unwilling to take care of your own body and by extension, your health, do not come to the rest of us and expect us to pay for your health care needs. Life is not easy, deal with it. Let me know what you think about this question and the answer. As a result of these articles and others methods of communication it will be important to hear from YOU any questions you may have about health care. In my life time I have seen both "universal" and "free-enterprise" health care systems and am anxious to participate in the debate because I am absolutely convinced embracing "free-enterprise" health care is the only way we can have a viable and affordable health care system. Fritz Scheffel is leading a movement to fix the health care system and is the writer and author of "Health Care: It Can Be Fixed". We can only realize affordable and workable health care through education and participation in the process. We will NEVER realize affordable and workable health care with our hand out to the government. A debate on health care needs to happen. Citizens of this country, and the world, need to know what health care really is and not just what they hope it will be. To facilitate the debate we are launching a campaign utilizing the internet and the vast resources now available. We can only do this through "education" and "participation". If you agree with us you can participate by helping to finance the effort as we can only go as far as our resources will let us. Our plans are many fold; 1) we will be an advocate for health care programs based on "free-enterprise" principles and totally devoid of ANY government intervention, 2) we will be an advocate for a doctor friendly health care system, 3) we will be an advocate for businesses, both large and small, to be freed from health care responsibilities, 4) we will attempt to establish learning centers for politicians, and future politicians, to learn how to save our tax dollars instead of seeing how many of our tax dollars they can spend, 5) for those weak citizens with their hands held out and expecting government to provide for them, we will work for YOU because we know you will have better care with our approach than any government run program could ever provide, and 6) we will continue to expand our efforts as long as we have the resources and the energy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: