my niche strategy rewards my focus 华裔夫妇枪击身亡 舒淇正面否认婚变

Internet-and-Business-Online This year I have set goals and targets based on my own niche marketing blueprint, and in the main I have achieved them. It has taken a lot of focus at times, but the results have been worth it. I am now seeing lots of traffic and lots of top rankings across a range of niches Staying focused is difficult, and as hard as I’ve tried, several product launch emails have dropped in my inbox and thrown me off course. As a result, I’ve now unsubscribed from most of the marketing lists I was on. When I stay focused, my niche strategy rewards my focus, but it takes time and hard work, which is why a lot of people fail online. Focus is critical to achieving success in life, whether it be offline or online. The majority of self made millionaires, particularly online, will tell you that the secret to their success if identifying a proven method for making money, and then repeating it over and over again, automating it along the way, until it delivers the desired results. The strategy starts with basic niche and keyword research. For this I use a keyword tool that I bought a few years ago, it’s the leading keyword software on the market. I use it specifically to identify niches with high average adwords cost per clicks, because I find that these high priced keywords will generally indicate a niche ripe for monetisation. Then I drill down in to the niche to find keywords that will pull in free traffic without too much competition. Once I have a list of keywords to target in a niche, I implement my article marketing strategy to create lots of one way inbound links that will provide the ranking juice to catapult my new pages up the search engine rankings. I use an article distribution service to submit unique versions of my articles to the leading article directories, and then I take copies of those articles and submit them to the web’s leading blog network. The blog network I use automatically posts spun versions of my articles to member blogs in their massive network, creating hundreds of one way links back to my niche pages. Once my pages are ranking well I monetise them with affiliate products and adsense ads. A lot of the article and content writing can be outsourced, which means that repeating the whole process can be done pretty quickly. So if you stay focused, you can quickly publish a lot of content that will rank well, across a range of niches, all bringing in plenty of free traffic and profit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: