AC Milan cleaning 3 will be the list of exposure to chase Chelsea Almighty midfielder will be 魔界骑士イングリッド

AC Milan will clean 3 exposure list after Chelsea midfielder demon will AC Milan has a new goal of sina sports news this two days on AC Milan transfer news suddenly out of a young man’s name, he is 21 year old Chelsea Croatia midfielder Mario Pasaliqi, Milannews and many other Italy media confirmed the Rossoneri the midfielder has been basically able to demon to San Siro, is a pure form of a season on loan, the team has given priority to, offer players in the summer of next year. Sky sports expert Dimazi O says AC Milan will pay a fee of 1 million euros, while Milan’s official television station believes that Mr. Pasa Ricci will arrive in Milan today for a routine check-up. Croatia have been out of trouble last season and have been training for two weeks. Over the past two seasons he has been Chelsea on loan to Elche and Monaco, can play in the avant-garde, the waist and the waist multiple positions, because of injury problems last season in Ligue 1 only 16 appearances, scoring 3 goals. In addition, there are rumors that the old AC Milan Aquilani may return to the team, he and Lisbon after the lifting of the contract to recover the free body. The 32 year old Aquilani played for the Rossoneri in the 201112 season. This season, the Milan team AC the accumulation of a large number of young players, the club will prepare some of them sent to the other team experience. Jose was one of them, and Galliani recommended him to Genoa. Two young defender Gallas, Ellie and one of them will also be on loan, bad performance, warm summer Gallas will be the most likely candidate. (LK)相关的主题文章: