Rong’an delicacy Culture Festival 19 days -21 days, even three days. coreldraw快捷键大全

Rong’an delicacy Culture Festival 19 days -21 days, even three days to be held next week in Rong’an hi delicacy Culture Festival! When it comes to food everyone think of it? Since it is a delicacy Festival, how can only satisfy the simple eat, what you see is big with iverson. Time: September 19, 2016 -21 (10:00 – 22:00) location: Changan County North Plaza (formerly kumquat greenhouse) tips: fish contest was held in the evening is the first to introduce the delicacy Festival heavy play — catch fish by hand game, believe that participated in this robe of naoyu Festival friends, remember that fish has enough joy, the delicacy culture festival held three days, have to catch a fish every day, let you fully experience the fun to catch fish. I would like to emphasize in particular, the scene caught all the fish to catch you, will be able to take home, the time of the contest, catch the most friends and get awards, do not want. Tickets can be obtained at the scene by participating in the field of interactive games, interactive game details to be announced at the event site. Since it is a delicacy Culture Festival, of course, delicacy, during the event is absolutely chowhound paradise, all 12 towns in Rong’an delicacy day will gather, filter powder, burning sugar cane, crisp lotus, copper gourd cake, egg oil and so on, all is the door of the delicacy. No one is from the field, perhaps it’s you are familiar with the store. Eat a meal does not need to run to and fro pure Rong’an delicacy from the head to the other, eat enough, let you in Rong’an also experience a sensation of Nanning Zhongshan Road. See the delicacy, my stomach immediately roar, in addition to local delicacy, and Rong’an local specialty agricultural products and the electricity supplier. In addition to eat, there is a very interesting car market, car market is what everyone is simple to open their own car, loaded their goods with the tail box when the container, lined up along the side of the road, with a free market and taste, and set off point car music the feeling was awesome. This is completely different from the traditional market experience, whether it is the seller or the buyer, happiness and sharing is the theme of the culture here forever. The car trunk market recruitment is hot, second-hand idle supplies, crafts, homemade delicacy, exquisite interesting goods, musical instruments, tattoos, Manicure, clothing and so on, eat and drink, and enjoy the play, can participate, can join the car trunk market. The top 20 friends to join the fair will be presented LED lights, the event a total of recruited from 40 to 50 cars, limited places, like to quickly enroll. Fair registration: Registration Tel: 15278824198 (WeChat sync) registration address: Rong’an Bridge Road No. 97 AIT media registration time: September 14, 2016 -18, the market is not only selling something, it is more important to the side of selling things while sharing happy here, you will encounter in the market also exudes art street cartoonist a singer, and anime theme ice cream truck, also)相关的主题文章: