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Beijing social governance 28 quantitative indicators are "leverage" – Beijing channel: original title: Beijing social governance launched 28 quantitative indexes per million resident population has 25 social organizations, city service grid management system coverage 99.99%, hub type social organization party coverage 100%…… In November 22nd, the Beijing Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference, the Beijing city social governance main content of "13th Five-Year" plan, this is the first five year plan for social governance, of which 28 quantitative indicators of concern. Beijing municipal social work, social Office official said that with economic development, social governance also needs to have a set of quantitative criteria and scientific evaluation index, which is convenient for evaluation, and can enhance social awareness, so that people have more sense. – no successful case in recent years, Beijing city social construction has made remarkable achievements. According to the "China social development report" blue book, the social construction of Beijing comprehensive evaluation index broke through 90 points "mark", is the only 3 consecutive years to maintain more than 90 provinces and large city, far higher than the national average of 74 points. Nevertheless, in the face of all kinds of social contradictions superimposed, social risks increased the severe challenges, Beijing social construction, reform and governance task is arduous. Beijing Municipal Committee of social work, the director of the municipal social affairs Song Guilun said that social construction should have quantitative standards, not only to the problem oriented, demand-oriented, but also a goal oriented. This can avoid the problem, press the up gourd ladle; also can prevent falling into the "high welfare trap"; more can according to schedule, roadmap, mission statement, standard instrument implement. In order to determine the main content of "social governance" in 13th Five-Year planning, planning drafting group to listen to opinions and suggestions, initially identified the "6+4" of the main layout. The "6" is a multi governance system to further construction of Party organizations, government organizations, social organizations, market organizations, streets and other grassroots organizations and community autonomy organization "six in one"; "4" is to further improve the system of governance, governance according to law, the source of governance, comprehensive management ability 4. Song Guilun admitted that the preparation of social governance planning, clear objectives and tasks for the next 5 years, the preparation of the Department, there is no success stories can learn from. In the face of the complexity of the highly integrated social governance planning, the drafting group has been considering the preparation of the planning to form a social governance system of Beijing characteristics, for the whole society to reach a consensus on the guidance of social governance. – "6 increase" reflects the new requirements according to the "planning", Beijing city social governance mainly includes 6 aspects: one is social service more perfect, improve people’s livelihood security, significantly increased the level of public services; the two is the social management more scientific, accurate and fine city service management improve the level is three; more extensive social mobilization, social coordination, public participation was significantly improved; four is more civilized social environment, the construction of social honesty and social responsibility level increased significantly; five is more harmonious social relations, of)相关的主题文章: