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Zhejiang police officially inaugurated the 33115 ship named Yuhuan ship (Figure) – Henan – people.com.cn Zhejiang maritime police 33115 ship named Yuhuan ship officially inaugurated". People.com.cn Taizhou on 29 September, September 28th morning, Zhejiang maritime police detachment police 33115 ship officially inaugurated the first named Yuhuan ship". The Public Security Bureau of Taizhou Municipal Committee, Jiang Zhenming, Zhejiang maritime police corps political commissar Zhang Youliang, leader of Yuhuan County Deputy Secretary, Secretary of politics and Law Committee Ruan Congying and other military and local governments to attend the opening ceremony. 10:30, Yuhuan ship naming ceremony officially began. Zhejiang police detachment police first awarded 33115 ship named "Yuhuan ship"!" The first Zhejiang maritime police detachment Wu Hongbao solemnly announced. Director Jiang Zhenming and political commissar Zhang Youliang together for the "Yuhuan ship". This marks the Zhejiang police first to name names of kiloton ship officially unveiled. This is the Zhejiang Coast Guard maritime rights, law enforcement, service is becoming more and more powerful symbol, also support the police to build, the milepost of harmonious development, will enhance the police officers and the resident people yushuiqingshen, stimulate build coastal, coastal guard I ambition. It is understood that the 33115 maritime police ship on January 2015 officially in Taizhou City, now moored in Yuhuan County harbor, the ship is equipped with advanced, long duration and high technology content, is the Zhejiang Coast Guard Corps first kiloton ship, has many well done offshore China Sea cruise and maritime law enforcement, major security tasks. (Xue Jian) (Xin Jing and Yang Xiaona: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: