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Mother and daughter separated for 57 years, he found the 3 day – Jiangxi Channel – People’s public security intelligence work is not mysterious." "I understand the intelligence work is service decision-making, service and construction and application of information technology". Paint, high security Public Security Bureau intelligence brigade captain, is a 35 year old police from the police. He worked for 16 years at the grassroots police station, when the police for 16 years, dry intelligence work for 3 years. He and the police behind the scenes with the silent silence of criminals, in the battle to see the smoke silently. Because of "intelligence" sensitive, he told CCTV large public program "wait for me" knot on the edge, just a year and a half, to help the masses throughout the country tracing nearly 100 people. Be judged by intelligence to find missing persons one side of the screen, a keyboard, a mouse, paint every day and wins them, he knows the importance of information sharing based on data and information. Because the initiative in the national cooperation platform for interactive communication, he met the province’s administrators, he also grew up as a collaborative platform for the Jiangxi administrator. One day in February 2015, he logged platform as usual, a Shaanxi health police made a tracing information to him, he thought it was like an investigation request, through analysis of judgments, quickly find valuable clues to find the missing persons. Later, this is from CCTV, the Ministry of civil affairs, Ministry of Public Security jointly organized the three "wait for me" to find the personnel section. The next short period of time, he went on to help several people find lost loved ones. Not long after, "waiting for me" column of a director called him, said you first search a program. After a period, the show moved by Guosheng paint, to join the team for the people search. The next short period of a month, he has helped more than 30 people lost contact with their loved ones, the column group was surprised, but also very touched. The director said, we are going to record a program in April, you come to Beijing. March 20, 2015, there are 10 days away from the directory system, the director that he first arrived in Beijing, and he pulled into the waiting for me column WeChat group. "I found that when the number of WeChat group of the national police is too small, only some 20 police, will recommend to the director said, if you want to launch a nationwide grassroots police involved in the work, I can help you to invite some in." His advice has been director of the identity, this April recording of the show, the program group invited to join the 20 police tracing WeChat group, as of now, the country has 143 police to join the group, he also launched the national 1000 police crackdown in tracing, he participated in the recording of the three phase of the program in CCTV, help the masses throughout the country tracing nearly 100. "The work of the Ministry of public security crackdown has always attached great importance to, four invites those of us engaged in" wait for me "column tracing of the Ministry of public security crackdown police participated in the meeting, the leadership of the Ministry had highly said," wait for me "is to help people solve practical problems, is a concrete manifestation of Chinese dream." Mother and daughter discrete for 57 years, he found the paint in line to help crackdown Guosheng tracing the masses throughout the country round a group for 3 days, but rarely see the parties, not to mention the face)相关的主题文章: