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"Tonight" ending political commissar Ke Bolong eye-catching performance acclaim Entertainment – Sohu Ke Bolong "commissar" stills Sohu entertainment news the legendary drama "and" the curtain is about to fall, the show since landing Henan satellite TV, Liaoning satellite TV, harvest countless praise, the ratings have been rising, this year many war in a stream. Following the "hero" in a corner of the dolphin Qiu anger by the audience enthusiasm, Ke Bolong played in the "political commissar" in the corner of Luo Yanan is still eye-catching performance, the degree of relaxation of the characters not only make the audience hooked, but the industry acclaim, giving a very deep impression. "The commissar" tells the story of Sha Yi’s Qiu Yongnian and Ke Bolong stepped in and played in extremely hard and bitter conditions Luo Yanan into KMT Yunnan 278 regiment, later decided to accept and successfully led the 278 regiment uprising, after the baptism of blood and fire, eventually became the Eight Route Army inside a strong effective strength. The play, Ke Bolong played Red Army soldier Luo Yanan, early because of the reckless personality was long Mei (Li Yiyi) nicknamed "little Li Kui", but as the story progresses, Luo Yanan shows the hard and dangerous task to complete his resourcefulness to charge into the enemy ranks, to win the respect of the long Mei et al, predater image strengthening for the character, counter attack, Ke Bolong handy. In addition, Yanan and old Luo Qiu from outdone, later Freemasonry, to the end of the kinship, tremendous changes in the role of emotion, Ke Bolong is also the most incisive interpretation, let the audience moved. This year, Ke Bolong harvest, solid acting Ke Bolong, master of all kinds of characters is hundreds of times, whether it is the "anger hero" riffraff hero Qiu loach, "ten red" or send the sharpshooter Zhou Duoli, or is about to wrap up the "political commissar of the Red Army soldiers" in Luo Yanan, Ke Bolong will be able to show the character the penetrating, called walking textbook. Next, Ke Bolong will bring what kind of surprise, please wait and see.相关的主题文章: