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Walk in Qiongzhong Wan Ling Wan Ling Yun Shan Cun, Qiongzhong pastoral charm of scenery. Reporter Chen Yuancai special correspondent correspondent Li Dahui Zhu Dequan photo Yuzhong line into the south coastal Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County, Wan Ling town is a part of the land. The two row The stream never stops flowing. Road, Li Miao style building new street side, those pieces of folded roof tiles, such as flying in the sun. Back then, the remote trek tens of miles talking in different dialects from the mountain, on a deep one shallow pace, have gathered in the Bay Ridge of the old bazaar, propped up the road and busy town rich. Three hundred years of prosperity has ended, but the crossing over the broad road, but as a small town in the body full of vigour wedge artery, let Wan Ling presented a more vibrant look of the countryside. Lingmen old       about three hundred years from south to north, from east to west, two narrow village road road intersection, Wan Ling Zhen Wan Ling Cun of the house also stands a square cross". Every family gate open, revealing the strong commercial atmosphere, the old downtown is also faintly visible. Qing emperor Kangxi twenty-eight years (1689) in the construction of Taiping Town, also known as Ling Wei door, distribution of goods and commodities trading is the mountainous area to han. For a long time because, the local people more nickname as "the old city", which is now the Bay Ridge village. "Ling garrison near the door, the fair is a The Strip, there are some good shops on both sides of the middle of the street is a wooden awning, the opening day, the peddlers have stalls below support, supply all kinds of small commodities……" In 1882, the American missionary incense study in Hainan, has also been lingmen Wei prosperity attracted, and in the "Hainan Tour" in the book of records of the grand year. "Wan Ling Wei in 1959, because of the terrain is named after the Bay ridge." According to historical records of Qiongzhong expert Xie Jinqi, in 50s, lingmen county is the main distribution center for goods, not only attracted the county farmers market market, even the music will be safe, Tunchang, county vendors and villagers often to do business. Every market day, people from all sides will carry a small basket, carry some poultry egg or herbal products from the streets, all kinds of sound intertwined, shout and crisp sound. The Japanese invasion of Hainan, set Wei traders have moved into the mountain. After the war, although the merchants once again lingmen, but because of inflation, shops. Today, the village has a total of more than and 30 surnames, villagers ancestors is from all corners of the country." According to Chen Yingchao, director of the Bay Ridge Village, since the beginning of the last century in 50s and 60s, the villagers gradually abandoned commercial agriculture, the old city bustling past. Now, it is thousands of feet grinding jingdanban road was faint and shiny, had become a straight and flat cement road. That even the roof of the roof, row upon row of cross street, special village dialects staggered, then why blood is not a symbol generation? A village scene       pastoral style village driving on the Hai Yu Yun相关的主题文章: