Mountain Tourism a good medicine for poverty alleviation in mountainous provinces in Western China-追踪309

Mountain Tourism: China western mountainous provinces for poverty alleviation Beijing Beijing – in September 23 Xingyi Xinhua: Mountain Tourism: China western mountainous provinces for poverty alleviation author Zhou Yanling "mountain tourism is a good way to get rid of poverty, especially in Guizhou that contains a large amount of mountain resources in place." Wei Xiaoan, Secretary General of the World Federation of tourism cities, China Tourism Association leisure vacation branch, said in an interview with reporters. China’s existing about 50000000 poor population is mainly concentrated in the economically underdeveloped central and western regions, such as Guizhou, Guangxi, Sichuan and other provinces, accounting for the total size of the country’s poor population of 48.9%. Mountainous and hilly area accounts for 92.5% of the total area of Guizhou province. 22 to 24 in Guizhou, Xingyi at the 2016 International Conference of mountain tourism and outdoor sports is the biggest highlight of outstanding tourism during the meeting held a "share" and the experience of mountain tourism poverty alleviation path to the theme of the forum, the closing ceremony of the conference also released "International Mountain Tourism poverty reduction declaration". With the development of economy, mountain climbing, field expansion and other special tourism projects, as well as mountain tourism, leisure, fitness and other activities as one of the mountains and rivers are increasingly favored by the majority of tourists. Guizhou province will focus on the development of the domestic first-class, world-renowned mountain tourism destination strategic objectives. Located in the mountainous provinces of Western China, how to make good use of mountain tourism resources? Data show that in the first half of 2016, Guizhou province received 257 million tourists at home and abroad, the total tourism revenue of $224 billion 100 million, an increase of 41%. 12th Five-Year years, Guizhou poverty alleviation by tourism led 650 thousand people, plans to 2020, driven by poverty of 1 million 500 thousand people. To finance poverty alleviation. Wei Xiaoan believes that the mountain tourism poverty alleviation first to help poor people have ambition, self-reliance. "The root of mountain tourism poverty alleviation lies in opening up, without opening up to help the poor, tourism is the most favorable open measures and means." Wei Xiaoan pointed out that the need to pay attention to poverty alleviation and cultural discrimination in mountain tourism, especially some developers and some scholars. In the "share" and the experience of mountain tourism poverty alleviation path to the theme of the forum, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office Deputy Director Ou Qingping said that the key to promote mountain tourism poverty alleviation, driven by poor households to participate, to ensure that poor households benefit and poor indoor excitation power. It’s up to the scenic drive impoverished village, people driven by poor households. More than 70% of China’s scenic spots are distributed in the vast areas of poverty, and the surrounding area is a large number of poor villages. Ou Qingping believes that the scenic area surrounding the poor village into a unified planning, construction and marketing of tourist attractions, so that the poor village to enjoy tourism development dividend. The leader in the field of poverty alleviation of poverty is called genius, including representatives of enterprises, tourism and other large. The European Qingping admitted that these people should help poor households to participate in all aspects of mountain tourism, and get paid through labor, narrowing the income gap. At the same time, it is necessary to set up a cooperative organization for poverty alleviation and benefit mechanism to improve the degree of organization and the ability to resist risks in poor villages相关的主题文章: