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Since the street reconstruction project of Taiyuan Yi Fen road has entered the final stage with two layers of asphalt Taiyuan news network Yifen street reconstruction project started two months after the builders efforts, has entered the final stage. In October 30th, the reporter on the scene saw the vast majority of road has two layers of asphalt paving, the key nodes in the project — the Blackwater River and back water West Main Canal Bridge, box girder erection has come to an end. Yi Fen Jie is one of the most important roads in Hexi area in our city, renovation project officially started in August 25th. The project of East Yifen bridge west of King Road, West to the peace road, a total length of 1.8 kilometers, planning red line width of 50 meters, including the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, sewage, lighting, landscaping, traffic facilities, and water supply, gas supply, heating and power supply pipeline. After the transformation from the original two-way 4 Lane expansion of two-way lanes, vehicle capacity increased significantly by 8. Less than 70 days time, has made significant progress Yifen street reconstruction project. Walk from the mouth to the Peace Road East Road, the main road of the full width one times than in the past. The broad road, the vast majority of road has two layers of asphalt paving. Many sections have been paved pedestrian pavement, road asphalt pavement has been basically completed the two layer paving. The most important node of Yifen street reconstruction project is the largest of the new canal and the Blackwater river back West Main Canal bridge. These two bridges because they do not have the capacity of the new era, in the transformation of all the demolition and reconstruction. In the process of bridge construction, it is in the downstream irrigation water and more rain season, and to ensure the normal operation of the original pipeline, so the construction is very difficult. In order to ensure the pile foundation engineering construction unit according to plan, set up a special plate to ensure the normal flow of the river canal. In order to guarantee the time limit, they carried out the bridge foundation engineering and the bridge deck box girder prefabrication. At present, in addition to the Blackwater River on the south side of back water box girder will begin construction, the other has all finished the installation of box girder. In order to solve the Yi Fen Jie Wang Jing at the peak of the traffic congestion problem, this transformation specifically set up here in microcirculation. From the east to the future Yifen vehicles to turn on the riverside road south, directly on the west side of Binhe Sports Center for the right, can reach the destination. At present, the micro channel water stable layer paving has been completed, is about to start paving asphalt.相关的主题文章: