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UnCategorized Halloween is probably one of the most anticipated times of the year for children. They love roaming around the neighborhood or attending parties and other special events with elaborate costumes. The boys love superheros and the girls love to transform themselves into princesses, fairies, and pixies. But what they love to do most is to paint their faces. Here are some fabulous and easy-to-do Halloween face painting ideas for your children: First things first, use the right paints. Your children’s skin can be very delicate. You wouldn’t want your tots to suffer from horrible skin infections or irritations. One of the best ways to avoid it is to use face paints that are water based, were made for use on the skin and of excellent quality. They are available in your local stores and art shops as well as all over the World Wide Web. You can choose a six-color palette of face paint. Don’t worry, they’re very cheap. They just cost around 12 dollars, and you can already produce a .bination of more than 70 Halloween face paint designs. Face paints that are water based are extremely easy to remove with clean water and face towel. You can also share the painting experience with the older children. All you have to do is supply them with a few colors and a few small or medium-sized brushes. You can also add a bowl full of water so they can clean their brushes before using other shades as well as paper towels just in case they decide to remove the paint. Be a Walking Ghost If you decide to allow your kids to do the face painting on their own, then suggest simple designs. One of the most .fortable and easiest Halloween face paint ideas is the ghost. Sponge some white paint on the face. Add black color around your eyes and the grimmest smile, and you already have a walking little ghost. Transform Your Children into Animals Kids are definitely loving towards animals, and you can radiate their warmth and care by painting their faces with the animals of their choice. For example, you can transform them into a very small Dalmatian. Use a sponge to apply white paint to the face. Use a paintbrush to create black spots on the face, and a little nose. Then use red beneath the lip to resemble a wagging tongue of the dog. You may also color the lips with red. You can include a number of whiskers by painting black dots and thin lines underneath the nose. Ensure Safety Using these Halloween face paint ideas can be very fun, but you have to take note of hygiene. You shouldn’t apply any paint on your children’s face or in any other part of their body that has sores, cuts, or any kind of skin disease. The paint may only worsen their condition. If you follow these rules, and use these Halloween face painting ideas then you and the children are sure to have a great time! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: