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Did you know obesity is now an actual disease in America? The American Medical Association voted to classify it as a disease last year. Overnight millions of Americans became officially diseased. Is this a crazy or clever move? I dont really know. Basically they are saying being fat is the same as being sick. Im not going to get into the pros and cons too much but you can safely say it has split people’s opinions. People have come out and said it’s gonna be a licence for people NOT to diet and to take pills. I personally dont agree with it being classified as a disease but think something BIG needs to be done. Something which includes the food producers and the supermarkets, but Im a realist and that will never happen. My cynical side sees a situation that was CAUSED by big companies and will now be SOLVED by these big companies too. They profit on both sides of the problem, and the masses suffer. Thats the main point here in my eyes living in the UK, is that America have agreed to classify obesity as a disease so they can now TREAT IT WITH DRUGS. On a positive note many obese people have trouble accessing proper healthcare and their ailments are not taken seriously as they are deemed to be all weight related. This will change. Insurance companies in the states can now cover obesity because of this. Will this ever happen in the UK? I think It will, as we follow the US quite closely in lots of things. I have worked with lots of obese clients and also some super size people during my career, one guy who was nearly 50 stone. The common theme in my experience was psychological. I think food addictions are as bad as alcohol or drug addictions, and thats what it is an ADDICTION. If you HAVE TO EAT sweets, processed carbs, coke, pork scratching, chocolate EVERYDAY YOU ARE ADDICTED. If you cant stop, you are addicted. Your genes, mental health, family and social environment all play a role in addiction: Risk factors that increase your vulnerability to addiction: Family history of addiction Abuse, neglect, or other traumatic experiences in childhood Mental disorders such as depression and anxiety Early abuse of bad foods in childhood Exercise will not solve the problem but can help a bit. I wonder what you think? Take care, Rich About the Author: Just enter your email address in the box on the right to receive a free 3 Day Detox Plan, an Easy Weight Loss Diet Sheet plus some free, easy to do, exercise routines. There are also many easy to read helpful articles and information which can inspire you to reach your fitness and exercise goals FASTER! Tummy Tuck "�" Best Cosmetic Body Contouring Procedure To Reshape And Flatten Your Abdominal Area By: Lawren Cooper – Unable to get rid of excess fat around your abdomen with simple diet and exercise? A tummy tuck aims to tighten your abdominal area by removing excess skin and fat. In some cases, the procedure separates or reestablishes deficient muscles as well. Tags: Why Laparoscopic Gastric Banding Is Regarded As Safest Gastric Surgery For Weight Loss By: kalpesh kumar – Another such surgery is laparoscopic gastric banding. In this process a flexible band is inserted into the abdomen which forms a pouch. After every meal, the pouch fills up soon and moves slowly towards the intestine. Tags: Common Procedures Of Fat Removal Like Liposuction By: kalpesh kumar – Best part of undergoing this surgery is that it requires very minimal access. Even Type 2 diabetes which is so prevalent in India can be controlled by this procedure where a portion of patients stomach is stapled so that another small pouch can be created and attached to its intestines … Tags: Advantages Of Lap Band Surgery By: kalpesh kumar – Lap band surgery can be performed on obese person with a BMI of 40 kg/m2 or in special medical cases where the weight is anywhere between 35 kg/mg2 to 40 kg/m2. Tags: How Does Morbid Obesity Take Place In Human And Solutions To Cure? By: kalpesh kumar – A patient is said to be suffering from morbid obesity when he or she is overweight by 50 kg or more from his or her ideal mark. Obesity turns into a morbid one if not checked in its initial phase. Tags: Treat Morbid Obesity With Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy By: kalpesh kumar – Doctors are known to suggest Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy as a treatment procedure for morbid obesity. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is a surgical method wherein approximately 2/3 portion of the stomach is stapled off. Tags: Different Types Of Bariatric Surgeries To Treat Obesity In India By: kalpesh kumar – To curb the epidemic of obesity and obesity related complications, there are many weight loss surgeries, which are collectively referred to as Bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery involves different types of treatment method that are commonly used as ways of obesity treatment in India. Tags: Why Is Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery Most Preferred By Surgeons And Patients Alike? By: kalpesh kumar – Most of the weight loss procedures are conducted through the laparoscopic method. In case of a laparoscopic surgery, a small video camera is inserted inside the abdomen that allows the surgeon to operate and view the surgery on a video monitor. 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