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Business Petrochemical and fine chemical are an important parts of chemical industry, which includes two parts: traditional and new areas. The rate of fine chemicals has be.e a main measure of a country or regions chemical development. Currently, the varieties of fine chemicals are more than 10 million. China’s rapid development of fine chemicals, not only to meet the basic needs of national economic development, and some fine chemical products octylferrocene, also has some international .petitiveness as the world’s most important fine chemical processing of raw materials and intermediates with the exporter, fine chemical products have been widely applied to various fields of national economy and people’s daily lives. According to relevant statistics show that the volume is concerned, China has be.e the world’s leading producers of fine chemical products. Dye production has ranked first in the world, ranking second in pesticides, paints the fourth place; overall fine chemical rate has reached 40%. All kinds of fine chemical products not only meet the basic needs of China’s national economy, and many products in the international market have a considerable share, and some even play a vital role. China ushered in the rapid development of fine chemicals is the golden period. But China pesticides, dyes, paints, rubber processing and other traditional fine chemical industry is facing shortage of quality rather than quantity of the situation. After several years of development, China’s fine chemical industry has reached a critical node, change ideas, to strengthen the innovation will be.e an inevitable choice for industrial revitalization. Fine chemicals are the industry producing fine chemicals products with futures of small volume, strong dedication and high value-added. In recent years, with the rapid economic development and higher level of industrialization, the demands and needs for special chemicals increase heated. Fine chemical industry gets more and more attention. To promote the development of China’s fine chemicals market and help Chinese fine chemical .panies stepping into international markets, China has organized the China International Exhibition Fine Chemicals. Report says that the show has gone beyond India, Europe and the United States with similar size and the world’s largest fine chemical industry. It has the largest professional exhibition participators and thus became the world’s largest chemical show. In addition, China will hold technical exchanges and special report to facilitate the enterprises and research institutions to exchanges and .municate of new technologies and new achievements in fine chemical industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: