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Travel-and-Leisure The fame of Taj Mahal is not limited to any particular continent; it is equally popular in Asian and European continents. The popularity of Taj brings special glory to Agra and contributes in the growth of Uttar Pradesh tourism. Tourists .ing to Delhi have a strong will to visit Taj Mahal; thus, they explore all the possibility to have the glimpse of this world class mausoleum made of special quality white marble. Today, this mausoleum of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal is among the more prestigious world heritage sites. Numbers of North India tour operators offer plenty of readymade Agra day tour packages that suite to every budget and desired convenience. Whatsoever Delhi Agra tour you pick, being at Taj Mahal, located on right bank of Yamuna river at the point where it turns eastwards, seems like a dream. The tour operators too are well aware of this universal liking, so they too invest best efforts and skills to perform at Taj. Although Agra has other attractions also with same historical and archeological importance; yet, the beauty and glory of Taj steals the show. Although most of packages for tour to Agra have facility of English speaking perfect guide; yet, knowledge of some interesting facts about the Agra heritages may enhance the pleasure of Agra day tour. Facts To Know Before Being At Agra Day Tour Taj Mahal: The high rise round pillars surrounding Taj Mahal are made tilted slightly outwards to protect the building from the loss, if they fell in case of earthquake. Twenty-eight types of precious – semi-precious stones-gems are inlaid into white marble. Today, this great mausoleum costs around US $160 million. Total construction took 22 years. According to available statistics, 22,000 people were involved in its construction. At the .pletion of this mausoleum, Emperor ordered chopping off hands of workers to eliminate any possibility of creation of similarly beautiful building. Agra red fort It is better described as walled palatial city and is the 2nd destination listed in most of Delhi Agra tour packages . Approximate 1,444,000 workers worked over it for almost eight years to .plete it in 1573. Sheesh Mahal is a Glass Palace. This part was created as royal dressing room with mirror-like glasses-mosaic on walls to have .plete look of personality. Diwan-i-Khas was constructed to discuss only special class audience. It was primarily used to wel.e dignitaries. Mina Masjid was constructed as Heavenly Mosque but now it is closed for public. Nagina Masjid is a Gem Mosque in real; it was constructed only for the ladies in court. Musamman Burj is octagonal tower; it has balcony at top with clear vision of Taj Mahal. Fatehpur Sikri It is a great city made out of red sandstone with 11 km long high security wall on three sides; the fourth side is protected by a lake. It has the glory of being ever first planned city of the region designed and developed by any emperor to honor a saint. Its royal quarters were reserved for the Emperor and his three queens. It has several other quarters for harem and favorite ministers. It includes a mosque and a temple as well. However, tourists on Tour to Agra .e to great surprise when the guide tells that this planned city was abandoned just fourteen years after its construction began. Today, it seems like a ghost city- that invites every one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: