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Home-and-Family The role of a dad is not a simple one. When you were born your father will have probably taken some of the responsibility for your care on his shoulders. Fathers nurture and bond with their children giving them basic care such as food and attention and as we develop from a child into an adult our dads give us all kinds of other generous and thoughtful gifts; from lifts to and from school or pocket money to advice and life skills. On a very real and literal level Father’s Day serves a purpose; it rewards your dad for being a great father. In some studies having a prominent father figure has shown to aid female development (especially for teenage girls) that have been proven to perform better in school if they have a decisive and supportive father. That goes some way to explaining why Miley Cyrus is so confident and smart? So, this Fathers Day make sure you say thanks to your daddy and bear in mind all the support he gave you growing up. The Things He Loves Father’s Day should be filled with things your dad loves so take some time to think about what he is most interested in and also about his schedule. Will he be working or expecting to do something else that day? Can you surprise him with some siblings or friends? Don’t look for excuses, such as: "I can’t spend time with him this Father’s Day because he’s working!" Look for solutions instead, such as sending him Fathers Day Gifts to work, or meeting him when he finishes and taking him to his favourite pub. All dads really appreciate it when their kids take the time, on Fathers Day (or their birthday) to do something special. If it seems inconvenient think outside the box a bit, and consider planning something for the closest weekend instead so you can spend some quality time together. Show Him You Care People often worry that their fathers (who are less openly emotional than their mothers) don’t realise how loved they are. The stereotype of the grumpy dad is a long standing one and sometimes you may think your dad doesn’t realise how much you love him. Show and tell him on Father’s Day. It’s the perfect opportunity and the less he expects you to tell him you care or get him a present the more he will appreciate it (and be surprised by it) when you do! Father’s Day is the perfect day of the year to get your dad a cool present because he will easily reciprocate his feelings and understand why you’re thanking him. You could write how glad you are to have him in your life in a card or tell him you love him in person and give him a big hug. Presents rarely have to be showy! But if you want to get him something big why not splurge? We think experience days are fab and there’s one for every kind of dad out there. Choosing Presents Some people find choosing Father’s Day gifts quite hard. However, there are certain trends when it .es to the things dads like, here we’ll talk about a few things he might be interested in to help inspire you! Football: The great game is one of man’s biggest obsessions. Some fathers eat, sleep and dream footie, whilst others don’t really care for it. If your dad hates to miss a game on the TV and knows all about his ideal line up get him a few football related Father’s Day gifts and he’ll love you for it. If you’re not sure what to choose why not get him a personalised football calendar then he can mark down all his important matches. Rugby: Like football some dads adore rugby. If your dad is one of these fathers you could get him a rugby ball money box personalised with his name for his desk at home or work. It’s a great place to store up his loose change and every penny counts when you want to buy rugby season tickets! Golf: The perfect gift for a golfing pa on Fathers Day has to be a specially engraved putter. Imagine him going on to the green with a meaningful message from you every single time he plays. A personal message can be engraved right in to the metal base of the putter and it can say anything you like. Gardening: The best Father’s Day gift for a dad who hates having his cabbages eaten by slugs is a book aptly named ’50 ways to kill a slug’. It is packed with funny, serious and more humane ways to get rid of the slimey beasties and makes for a cool and memorable present! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: