A Memorable Night-y580

Fashion-Style In less than two months, the most important holiday of the year – Christmas is about to .e. Every one around has already started to make plans, ordered gifts and booked the restaurants. But what matters to me is never what gifts I would receive or what kind of luxurious food I would have. .pared to the Christmas holiday and Christmas presents, I prefer the Christmas Eve even better. Christmas Eve is a very personal night and everyone has a Christmas story to tell. During this night, the whole years stress and miserable experience could be removed. I learned this at the last Christmas Eve. Last year, I have experienced quite a lot of troubles. My boyfriend and I broke up after 2 years being together, and my .pany shut down because of the financial crisis and I still need to pay the house mortgages. I was totally stressed out and lost. Everyday, I felt that I was suffering a break down. So when the Christmas came, I didnt feel excited at all. I wouldnt like to spend this holiday with my friends and received their enormous concerns and sympathy. As a result, I decided to spend the Christmas Eve with my parents, which hadnt been happened for almost five years. I didnt inform my mother that I would .e back for the holiday. I was anxious when I pushed the doorbell and my mom came to answer the door. I still remember the surprising and happy expression in her face, like she won a millions lottery. My heart suddenly became tender and soft. I felt the impulse to hug her and kiss her. But I successfully control my emotions. Later I saw the same look in my fathers face and I realized that I had separated from them for a too long time. No one asked more questions that night and we had dinner quietly. There was no luxurious food booked from the expensive restaurants. My mother cooked all of them. But they were so tasty just like I always remembered. Suddenly, I burst into tears and lost all my control. I cried like a baby at the dinner table without feeling embarrassing. My parents kept silent and I was so thankful for their silence that night. This is it, my most memorable Christmas story. It is so plain, may even tedious to you. But all I have learned that night is that it is the family would never turn their backs to you and love you without condition. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: