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A woman riding the electric car of Nanjing Modern Express money thrown retrograde violations checked face Police News (correspondent Rebecca real reporter Wang Rui) recently, Nanjing traffic control department of non motor vehicle traffic violations concentration and control, mainly for non motor vehicles running red lights, take the fast lane and retrograde, illegal investigation. Modern Express reporter learned from the Nanjing traffic police ten brigade, the brigade police in the investigation process, often encounter some wonderful cyclist, the individual refused to accept the punishment of the parties, and even the money thrown directly in the face of the police. The day before, in Nanjing Dachang, ten traffic police brigade is investigating illegal non motor vehicle, an electric car ride retrograde woman was four squadron Deputy squadron at Tiancheng stopped face punishment, the woman insisted that their own right, refused to be punished, and asking the police, "by what do you punish me?" Traffic police said that it violated the road traffic safety law, non motor vehicle reverse driving, impose a fine of 20 yuan. The woman asked again, "why do you shoot video?" Traffic police patiently explained that when the law enforcement officers on the road with a law enforcement recorder recording, which is in the supervision of traffic police enforcement. "Why do you care about being shot when you think you’re right?" Traffic police said. The woman see punishment is imperative, reluctantly pulled out a $100 plug in the hands of the police. Police just want to make it in the penalty list issued by the signature, and the change to find her, who knows the woman pushed the car to go, once again stopped by the traffic police. Anyway, the woman not only refused to sign, also refused to accept the balance, and again to the police to ask: "why do you give me money, I have to accept?" Voice did not fall, the woman will have the balance left in the face of traffic police. What the police did not say, bent down and picked up in the change, once again to the ms.. The face of police action, the woman suddenly embarrassed, took the initiative to pen signed the fine certificate, and accept the balance. Coincidentally, in an interview with reporters learned that similar wonderful encounters have occurred on the same day, there is a bike aunt driving an electric tricycle, in the Liuhe Avenue Expressway geguan Road intersection was stopped by traffic police. Aunt said he lived in the countryside, in the village love how to ride no one tube, why not give yourself away from the highway? According to the traffic law, non motorized vehicles on the highway is illegal!" "I don’t know what law is illegal, I know I love you in the village!" "Ignorance of the law to study the law, if you refuse to punishment, your car will be suspended!" The police did not allow other excuses, finally made the punishment of their illegal behavior. It is reported that in the first half of this year, 83 cases of non motor vehicles caused casualties, resulting in the death of 25 people and injured in the 89. Casualties caused by a variety of traffic accidents, non motor vehicles caused by the death of traffic accidents, the rise in the top spot. In this regard, the traffic control Department reminded the electric car drivers, for their own safety and the safety of others. Please comply with traffic regulations, safe driving. Load in…相关的主题文章: