Airport line 01 extends to Monument for Liberation yesterday full fare 10 yuan googims

Airport line 01 extends to Monument for Liberation yesterday full fare 10 yuan of volunteers to the public advocate green travel reporter Long Zaiquan photo newspaper reporter Zheng Sanbo Chongqing daily news reporter yesterday from the 2016 bus travel Awareness Week activities at the scene was informed that from yesterday, the airport line No. 01 test run extends to the Monument for Liberation, full fare 10 yuan. From September 19th to September 25th test run, 8:00 class, 20:00 class, every two hours; September 26th officially running, 5:30 class, 21:00 class, every 30 minutes, the rolling start. It is reported that the bus passenger ground Group signed a cooperation agreement with the Jiangbei International Airport, the airport bus took over the market, also will be open to the airport line two city, Guanyin Bridge business district, Three Gorges Square line, after the public bus is more convenient to the airport. Bus travel Awareness Week "launched in Banan public advocate green travel to Chongqing Daily reporter for daily news yesterday morning, 2016 Chongqing city bus travel Awareness Week" in Banan District, Long Island Bay integrated transfer hub start. During the event, the city will focus on the preferred public transportation, green travel "this theme, through the development of a number of special activities, the introduction of a variety of convenience initiatives, and invited the public to participate in interactive, calling on the public to develop green, safe and civilized travel habits. The reporter learned that, in recent years, Banan District invested 130 million Yuan Ping outside the river transport hub station field, 520 million yuan investment in the Long Island Bay integrated transfer hub has put into use, to fill the gaps in the history of non formal large hub station. The areas within the second ring of the bus system, the bus has been updated within the second ring of about 400 vehicles, opened a total of 77 bus lines, bus capacity of 988; Banan district is the new line of more than 10 bus lines, 5 bus line adjustment, promotion of city shuttle bus, Pakistan Nancheng said goodbye to the "the van" era, and will achieve bus full coverage in 2017. And since Longzhou Bay integrated transfer hub officially put into operation, Banan began to implement the bus outside the ring. At present, from Long Island Bay integrated transfer hub can take a bus to a product area, a area residents travel costs will be reduced by 30%. By the end of the year and strive to achieve the opening of the wooden hole area bus. It is understood that a product contains a product area street, Alan Town, shengdeng Town, since the implementation of a district bus line, get the praise of the masses, the residents can use public transportation card to solve the problem of travel, travel goods in a area of more than 10 people. At the same time, a product area bus line more favorable conditions for the development of local tourism. According to statistics, to the town shengdeng tourist resort, summer leisure tourists reached 1 million 974 thousand and 200 passengers, an increase of 25.62%; tourism revenue 91 million 226 thousand and 200 yuan, an increase of 15.63%.相关的主题文章: