Anhui food and Drug Administration ordered rectification of nine enterprises in Huainan Yi milk powd ca1834

Anhui food and Drug Administration ordered nine enterprises rectification Huainan Yiyi milk once again into the list before the date, the Anhui food and Drug Administration flight inspection, Anhui Jinzhai Kang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Anhui Joe Lotte Winery Co., Ltd. and other 9 companies have planted in flying, was ordered to require rectification. The Huainan Yi Yi nutrition food science and Technology Co., Ltd., in addition to the State Food and drug administration supervision and sampling, once again found a batch of gold noble infant formula, the total number of colonies failed. Flight inspection group in August, the Anhui Provincial Food Bureau piercing eye, food production supervision departments and drug administration, respectively in Anhui, Anhui Jin Lotte Brewery Co. Ltd., Joe Biotechnology Co. Ltd, Huainan Yi Yi Food Technology Co. Ltd. and other 10 companies were flight inspection. In addition to the Anhui Tianma biotechnology limited company did not find the problem, the other 9 companies are illegal production phenomenon. Provincial Food and Drug Administration seized found Anhui Lotte Brewery Co. Ltd., part of raw material suppliers, production license expired; part of the inspection reports without corresponding original records; record sales information is not complete, no Buyer Contact information and address information production; sales records batch warehouse insufficiency; poor sanitary conditions; warehouse partition problem storage does not identify the domain name etc.. Fly inspection also found that Anhui Jin Joe biotechnology limited company raw material inspection and test report data record does not match; broken workshop Anhui nongshen Biological Technology Co., the pressure is not normal; Department of the production site is not completely cleared; air conditioning units, in effect at the beginning of the differential gauge uncertain initial values are not set for cleaning and changing regulations check the original records; a digital chaos. Huainan Yi Yi recently how? Anhui provincial food and Drug Administration flight inspection group inspection found Hua Tuo Chinese medicine health wine (Anhui) Co. Ltd and Anhui Jinzhai Joe Kang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. was not a health food safety accident disposal plan special. Hua Tuo (Anhui) Chinese Medicine Health Wine Co., there are purchase inspection records with incomplete information; material library of health food raw materials and other articles that are not stored; packaging and logistics channel cross; incomplete information of original records; the label is not standardized, not marked "production date" or "batch" the word problem. Anhui Jinzhai Kang Kang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the existence of the "quality of the QA operating procedures," the document did not identify the controlled state of the warehouse temperature and humidity control system is not specific, no specific control measures and other issues. Huainan Yi Yi Food Co. Ltd, in addition to the State Food and drug administration supervision and inspection, found a batch of gold noble infant formula milk (fresh support, three stage) the total number of colonies failed, and another batch of GOLD gold larger infant formula (2) taurine failed after the flight inspection again, a problem is found. The qualified products of handover of simple design, enterprise can not clear the unqualified product flow; no food safety accident emergency drill record; the product library block rat plate at the bottom of a large gap, the existence of hidden dangers; the raw material warehouse temperature and temperature control system is not perfect. The inspection team also found that safety accidents in the Dabie Mountains mirae Kang biotechnology limited company of food of Anhui province plan is not perfect; inventory is too small can not meet the actual)相关的主题文章: