Beijing Shanghai police cracked illegal gambling sites in the implementation of fraud case series verbal jint

Shanghai police cracked the illegal gambling website implementation fraud case series – Beijing, said: These are the victims and suspects the chat. Xinmin Evening News Pan Gaofeng photo [Xinmin Evening News Xinmin] [girl], the United States has 45 degrees tilt"…… With a picture or a flirtatious or pure picture, if QQ encountered such beauty coily approached, do you hold? Recently, Mr Lin to have one such affair, because chat more speculation, believe the other recommended lottery can make money, eventually cheated more than 70 thousand. He made ten thousand point of damage is a beautiful picture behind it is "pull pin tahan"! Fengxian police tracked through the line, a large network of fraud case series successfully cracked illegal lottery website, involving more than 5000, 48 suspects were criminal detention according to law. Recently, the Fengxian Public Security Bureau received a report from the public Mr. Lin: he chatted with people on the Internet, the result was cheated more than 7 yuan. It turned out that Mr. Lin received a friend in the company to apply for information on the Internet, see the picture is a beautiful woman, they agreed to each other’s application. The other party claimed to be the owner of the clothing business, after two people chatted for a few days, but also speculation. After a period of time, "the boss" in "accidentally" and Mr. Lin talked about the lottery, and introduces a "Chongqing constant color lottery to play this, said winning rate is high, easy to win. In order to obtain the trust of Mr. Lin, also made a screenshot and link some money. Lin in accordance with the female boss to provide links to the site, the registration of an account began to buy Chongqing always color lottery, but lost more. Female boss let Mr. Lin will be transferred to the money she provides the so-called lucky account, but still lost, to the end of a total loss of 7 yuan. Until Mr. Lin found that the other side of the site has been in the web site has been changed, and began to perceive themselves may be deceived. After receiving the report, Fengxian police investigation found that the female boss behind was a huge fraud network. The gang consists of two branch, under the branch manager, business manager, supervisor, team leader and clerk of multiple levels, according to different ratio from the proceeds of fraud into, "the boss" is one of a male clerk. Each of these salespeople has more than 3 working QQ and micro signals, dedicated to search for men aged 30 to 35 for the target. In order to more easily approached, they disguised as white-collar Beauty, lonely woman, didn’t show intent, but sooner or later greetings, ambiguous chat, or even ask women to help send voice greetings, to win the trust of each other. "In the end, we can reach a tacit understanding, for example, I made a funny expression, the other will know that I am shy." This morning, in the Fengxian detention center, bearded Hwang suspects talking. According to the police, the gang set up the Chongqing local lottery lottery website name "based on Chongqing s.s.c", but in fact there is no correlation, and also provide regular lottery odds and suspects the odds are inconsistent, but also not in the online operation. Once the gang found each other true peak相关的主题文章: