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Beijing to promote universal reading will open scholarly Beijing subway train – Beijing, September 8 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yin Li) in order to better promote the national reading, Beijing will set up primary and secondary schools of Beijing reading alliance in this month, and the opening of Metro Line 4 "quiet subway train". This reporter learned from the 8 conference. In September 8th, the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal People’s government and the Beijing City Press and Publication Bureau jointly organized "the sixth book I read +" China Beijing reading season press conference?. Relevant person in charge at the meeting details the promotion of reading and reading in Beijing, Beijing reading season, the overall arrangements for the event. According to the Beijing news publishing SARFT deputy director Hu Dong introduction, the first half of this year, Beijing city to carry out various reading activities nearly 10 thousand screenings, the audience of more than 10 million. After more than half a year’s time and promotion, effectively stimulate the whole society to read good books, good reading, good reading, the internal driving force to form a good habit of universal reading. He said that this year, the implementation of the reading + I action plan, advocacy of individuals and organizations from all walks of life, I promise to read and share no less than 12 books. Yan Chongnian, Ye Jiaying, Wen Wei, Le Daiyun, Tu An, Ye Guangcen and so on have become the "reading + I" action plan in 2016. The first half of this year, Beijing reading season has accumulated held "reading + I" series of reading activities more than 6 thousand sessions, to attract more people to participate in and promote reading. At the same time, as one of the Beijing reading season’s signature column, "read scholarly masters face-to-face activities this year has invited Wang Shuzeng, Zhou Daxin, Liu Cixin, Cao Wenxuan, Jia Pingwa, Jing Yidan, Pu Cunxin and other hundreds of celebrities in the community, streets, schools, barracks, reading promotion, covering literature, history, science and art in different areas, and a wide range of knowledge about the diversification. According to incomplete statistics, the first half of the "read book" famous face activities over 1820 games, attracted more than 20 spectators to participate in. According to the relevant person in charge, in order to promote scholarly campus construction, continue to cultivate children’s reading, reading will be established in Beijing primary and secondary schools of Beijing Union in September 28th. After the completion of the alliance, the introduction of the famous campus, send books into the campus, and the primary and secondary schools to bring the reader to carry out training in the school and other schools to promote reading. In addition, Beijing also plans to set up a story for parent-child reading mother group. Now many mothers will give their children to tell the story, the future or will be the integration of these mothers, to become the readers, they will regularly go to kindergarten, community, library for more children to tell stories. It is noteworthy, as "a book with me for a series of activities, Beijing will also create scholarly subway, bus, train and other scholarly" theme line, leading to fast reading, let people share at any time in the walk in reading. According to the relevant person in charge, the subway line 4 a train will be the overall package, the outside is to read public service ads, the train is a good book recommended by experts and the promotion of the concept of reading. Under the actual conditions of the subway, there will be no entity相关的主题文章: