Beijing – VIDEO – Tibet Thangka expert industrialization development to the norms of science based

Beijing – VIDEO – Tibet Thangka expert: industrialization development to regulate the scientific basis of Tibet expert: Thangka industry development to the norms of science based [comment] in August 29th, Tibet Shigatse city seven days of Mount Everest Cultural Tourism Festival is happy, here in the country engaged in Thangka art protection and industrial development the masters, experts and scholars gathered together to explore the Thangka art protection and inheritance, innovation and development of the medication, and for the issue of concern and controversy of the Thangka "industrialization" development, the expert says to the standard and scientific basis. The same period [] (Art Institute of University of Tibet Professor, doctoral tutor, traditional Tibetan art theorist Awang Jigme) Thangka industrialization in this academic circles in the whole industry, Thangka controversy is great, but I think the controversial return controversy, now in the understanding of this have been unified, industrialization is inevitable, but this industrialization is the scientific industrialization, the entire specification (industry), but what is the basis of its industrialization, the quality of Thangka works, and then each subsequent supporting the management, requirements or assistance or support or follow these up, and then high quality market to industry, is feasible, but crudely made or fake, it does not work. [comment] is a wonderful Thangka art holy Tibetan traditional culture, has developed calendar thousands of years of evolution, has completed a comprehensive for cultural diversity, and integrate the Tibetan nationality temperament, for the development of pure Tibet native painting style. The creative theme covers almost the religion and politics, history, culture, astronomy, Tibetan medicine and other aspects, called the "Encyclopedia of Classical Tibetan civilization". In 2006, it was officially listed as the world’s intangible cultural heritage by unesco. [comment] Shigatse city as an important birthplace of Thangka, Thangka has become a brilliant culture of the city name card, such as painting Mian SA originated in this generation of painters in the tradition of protection, development and innovation in the protection of the. Now, more than and 300 employees in the city of Thangka Thangka, annual output value reached about 7000000 yuan. The same period [] (Art Institute of University of Tibet Professor, doctoral tutor, traditional Tibetan art theorist Awang Jigme) (Thangka) innovation and inherit the traditional the problem is some misunderstanding, because everyone thinks that the traditional Tibetan painting, this is like a traditional mode, cannot change, this is definitely not the case, because when we study from the academic, five largest school in one thousand and four hundred years, in the change, it also has been a process of change and change, for example you sent CIU Gang period, who would not think there will be Heqin Mian Tang Zi (painting), but these reformers, these innovative people and some school so much now, but this is also the same with industrialization, its premise is to must maintain national art Don’t run with others. [comment] in recent years, Tibet issued the "opinions" on accelerating the Thangka industry development, announce相关的主题文章: