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UnCategorized When building a new public building of any kind, it is important or the general contractor to make sure that they meet all of the codes or the building to make sure that it is safe. However, It is not only the safety codes that they must meet. There are things to be considered. One of the major codes that they must take into account is the accessibility of the public building to everyone. This refers to the ADA codes. These codes set forth certain parameters that must be met in order for the building to be adequately accessible for handicap and elderly people. Some of these codes include things like the size of the bathroom, handicap parking stalls and the size of hallways. This is really to the benefit of the public business because if they are not accessible to these people, they will lose business. They are also likely to get a bad wrap. Just like bad customer service, word of mouth about how their business is not friendly to the handicap can spread like wild fire. Those who are in wheel chairs are vocal about things not being accessible to them, and rightfully they should be. It is a frustrating experience to not be able to go into a public place, such as a restaurant, a department store, a grocery store, etc. Imagine going out to lunch with some friends only to out that you cannot get around inside and consequently you must leave. That is a frustrating experience. The planning for the things that must take place in public building to make it accessible to all begin with the planning and drawing of the building. This is one of the reasons that plans must be approved by the city that they will be built in before the construction can begin. Once the construction of the building has begun, the inspector will be making sure that the ADA codes are met along with all of the other building codes. It is mandatory now to be .pliant with these codes for accessibility. Some ignorant business owners .plain and grumble about this because they view it as costing them extra to build their building. However, it is not even close in .parison to the cost of not being accessible to this part of our society. The amount of business lost if not accessible can be very large over the years of the business operation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: