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Reference-and-Education Whenever the parents take their child of ages 3-5 years generally they think about the question that why they should go for play schools for their children. Whatever the play school will teach their kids in general studies they can also teach them at homes too. In this .petitive age of school admission, if you go to take admission in nursery class at the time of interaction session with parents and kids, all the school will ask you about the previous grades of your child which they have scored in their pre- nursery schools. On the behalf of that marks, child’s verbal presentation and parents involvement towards their child better schooling all such things are matters a lot for getting your child admission in some good school up to senior secondary level. Choosing the right preschool which is best suitable for your child’s developing better understanding and involvement in school atmosphere matters a lot. In this article we can suggest you a few qualities which may help you to choose the better nursery schools in Delhi. Play School, Day care & Activity Centre all .es in the same purpose to provide the services for little kids. They takes the initiative to take care of the all round development which includes the intellectual, creative, cognitive, motor and socio-emotional development of children from the age group of 2 years to 5 years in the play school. All the play schools are following the play way method of teaching and learning with maximum use of English for the instruction. They should be well equipped with all the amenities like fully air conditioned class rooms and lobbies, music room, .puters room, ball pool, splash pool, dolls house, gymnasium, metro train, toys and library at their extent. The lesson plans of each period should provide special attention to each child to nurture their maximum mental and physical status. They should focus on each child’s .plete development of skills with memory and observation, problem solving, logical thinking apart from empowering the child vocabulary or .munication in English only. The curriculum also adopted to imparts humanistic qualities into the child like sharing & caring, independence, responsibility and confidence. It provides platform to children to enhance their creativity through dance and music and various other activities. With the best teaching faculties the schools should also consists of its fully air conditioned, hygienic, safe and homely environment functioning from 10 am to 4 pm as a part of the day care ways. You can also avail pick and drop cabs from the schools. Apart from teachers, trained nurses, special maids, educational toys, age appropriate activities make children engaged creatively in their work should be checked before enrolling your child there. They should also offers Program that provides an environment where children can spend time with friends and engage in lots of extracurricular activities like dance, music, taekwondo, chess, art & crafts and story time to name a few. Undoubtedly play school & day meant to create love, laughter and learning for dear ones. If you are working parents then also it’s a boon for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: