Boy and friends to dinner with the car parked on the roadside eating back dumbfounded popkart

Boy and friends to dinner with the car parked on the roadside eating back dumbfounded car in the transfer station entrance, was surrounded by garbage. Go to dinner – reporter Ding Fenglin Ventura Washington boys and friends, with the car parked on the roadside, unexpectedly blocked the sanitation transfer station gate. The boy back to eat dumbfounded: the car into a lot of garbage by move! The evening of November 1st 10 pm, Zhengzhou city street factory. Deadlocked for more than 3 hours later, the boy finally spent 1100 yuan to hire a forklift to clean up the garbage, until yesterday morning 2 when out of trouble. The site is located in the intersection of Longhai Road and Mill Street South, Mill Street sanitation transfer station door. Reporters on the scene saw the radius of ten meters, the area has one hundred or two hundred square meters of trash piled in the factory, the open street, north-south traffic interrupted, the street was filled with pungent taste, standing across the street, a Public Security Bureau Nanguan office locations in the transfer is also affected by the police, it is difficult to pass. In the middle of the garbage dump, parked a Yu P (Zhoukou) license of the Thai SUV sedan, is facing the door of the transfer station, is now trapped in garbage, not move. "I’m going to have a meal and come back to me." One side of the parking is a two year old boy, one of whom is claimed to be the owner of the car, the owner of the car, the owner of the car is a more than and 20 year old man. He said that more than 8 o’clock in the evening, he and his friends went to a restaurant to eat, readily parked here, thinking a while away, did not notice here is a sanitation transfer station. To 10 o’clock or so, two people came back after dinner, ready to drive away, to see the scene, suddenly mongolia. "Why don’t you have a phone call when you go to dinner? Traffic police can not find your phone!" The scene of a garbage worker very angry geological asked two boys. The cleaning workers said that the station garbage in this transit, is near the village garbage workers. "We would end a car, had to hurry back to the time not to continue to pull, pull, small will be fine, your car door wall, our car trash away, you can’t go back, we have no way." The cleaning workers he said, 8 pm that night to the garbage transfer station, found the door is blocked, the car did not leave the phone, they can not contact the owner, and later hit 110, under the traffic police department also can not find the owner of the phone, but will dump at the door, surrounded the car. Factory Street sanitation transfer station staff Mr. Han said, the transfer station is open at 11 o’clock in the evening, when he arrived, the scene has become so "rubbish enter, removal of the car could not come, now still waiting beside the cart". Mr. Han said, originally that night removal task is very heavy, now has been delayed in the middle of the night, the work has begun. For the removal of workers put the rubbish in the street, Mr. Han said he was unaware of this, "I don’t care, I can only be responsible for the transfer station inside". In the face of such a situation, the two boys have kept the scene kept apologizing, also call 110 for help, the police for a time there is no good solution. Has been deadlocked until one or two in the morning yesterday, in the end, next to an enthusiastic businessmen came forward to help negotiate,相关的主题文章: