Ample liquidity without fear of a short tune poised to hit 3000 points – Sohu Finance 光辉岁月谐音歌词

Liquidity free without fear of short adjustment, A shares ready to shock 3000 points? After the financial Sohu experienced three consecutive trading days of the rally, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index Thursday finally ushered in a slight pullback, but the market turnover remained modest growth, the market sentiment for the short-term market outlook is still relatively optimistic, the stock is expected to continue to rebound in the short-term pullback after the trip. From the market all day long trend, undertake a few days before the rally, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index both slightly higher related stock movements, but the stock in the short-term profit taking pressure started down, the stock index has been buying hold up after a few degrees turned green, but late diving finally makes the market sentiment cool the main stock index, the two cities have received the green. Finally, the Shanghai index closed at 2862.89 points, down 4.45 points, or 0.16%, turnover of 230 billion 800 million yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 10116.40 points, down 45.37 points, or 0.45%, turnover of 359 billion 800 million yuan; the gem index closed at 2190.91 points, down 24.43 points, or 1.10%, turnover of 96 billion 100 million yuan. Two cities traded 590 billion 600 million yuan, compared with the previous trading day increased by 20 billion yuan, the city’s two day total net outflow of 370 million yuan. Judging from the plate, 4, building materials, industrial estate, graphene, the central enterprises reform overall sector gainers, while Beidou navigation, augmented reality, military and other sectors are larger pullback. Two city daily limit, the number of shares fell to 71, there are 3 stocks appear limit. A private equity fund said, in 3 consecutive trading days after the rebound, the hot market conversion rate began to accelerate significantly, the difficulty of operation of investors started to increase, coupled with short-term profit on some cash, the market appears the adjustment is normal, in the short term liquidity more comfortably under the background of stock index in the post adjustment should be there is still upward momentum to continue, this point from the stock index callback but the volume is still slightly increase can be reflected, is expected in the "NPC and CPPCC" before the market operation can still maintain, investors can actively adjust the holding gains. Shenwan Hong securities Strategy Analyst Xie Weiyu believes that the same A stocks as a whole is much shorter than the sky, long slow bear point of view, the thesis is the verification of the rebound in February, is expected to rebound to "NPC and CPPCC" before and after the rebound height in the region of 3200 points. The devaluation of the renminbi, to tighten monetary policy concerns is the main cause of decline in January, and the repair period at the two levels of market risk appetite after excessive pessimism, the core logic is that the devaluation of the renminbi rebound pressure, relax monetary policy marginal bring liquidity improvement stage, coupled with the rise in global risk appetite, as well as in the steady growth and tax cuts? And is expected to reform. In addition, investors’ positions are not high, there is still room for opening, and the money making effect is expected to improve the motivation of off-site funds access. But long-term contradictions still exist, to face the reality, the switch is the biggest pattern of cattle and bear. Worries about coordinated management still plague the market, and medium and long term liquidity can hardly be optimistic. Shen Hongyuan Securities believes that when the market risk appetite rise, the theme of investment is expected to get excess returns. The new economic theme of high resilience is still the first choice, including the first one

流动性宽裕无惧短调 A股蓄势冲击3000点?-搜狐财经   经历连续三个交易日的反弹之后,沪深两市股指周四终于迎来了小幅回调,不过市场成交量仍维持小幅增长态势,使得市场情绪对于短期后市走势仍较为乐观,股指有望在短期回调之后继续反弹之旅。  从市场全天的走势来看,承接前几个交易日的涨势,沪深两市股指双双小幅高 相关公司股票走势 开,但股指在短线获利盘的打压之下开始冲高回落,股指在几度翻绿之后都被买盘托起,但尾盘时的跳水终于使得市场人气降温,两市主要股指纷纷收绿。  上证指数最后报收2862.89点,下跌4.45点,跌幅0.16%,成交2308亿元;深成指报收10116.40点,下跌45.37点,跌幅0.45%,成交3598亿元;创业板指数报收2190.91点,下跌24.43点,跌幅1.10%,成交961亿元。两市全天成交5906亿元,较上一交易日再增200亿元,两市全天资金合计净流出3.7亿元。  从板块表现来看,建材、工业4.0、地产、石墨烯、央企改革等板块整体涨幅居前,而北斗导航、增强现实、军工等板块则回调幅度较大。两市涨停个股家数降至71家,有3只个股出现跌停。  一位私募基金人士表示,在连续3个交易日反弹之后,市场热点转换速度开始明显加快,使得投资者操作难度开始加大,再加上一些短线获利盘开始兑现,市场此时出现调整也是正常的,在短期流动性较为宽裕的背景下,股指在调整后应该仍有继续上行的动能,这一点从股指回调但成交量仍小幅增加中可以得到体现,预计在“两会”以前市场的操作性仍可保持,投资者可积极调整持股获取收益。  申万宏源证券策略分析师谢伟玉等则认为,A股整体短多长空、长期慢熊观点不变,2月反弹的论断正在验证,有望反弹至“两会”前后,反弹高度在3200点区域。对人民币贬值、货币政策收紧的担忧是1月下跌的主因,而目前处二级市场风险偏好过度悲观之后的修复期,反弹核心逻辑在于人民币贬值压力减轻,货币政策边际放松带来流动性阶段性改善,加上全球风险偏好上升,以及中?稳增长和减税、改革的预期。此外,投资者仓位不高,尚有加仓空间,而赚钱效应有望提高场外资金进场的动机。但长期矛盾仍在,要正视现实,牛熊切换是最大的格局。对于协调管理的担忧仍困扰市场、中长期流动性难言乐观。  申万宏源证券认为,当大盘风险偏好上升时,主题投资有望取得超额收益。高弹性的新经济主题依然是首选,方向包括一直推的军工、服务业,还有超跌的TMT包括数字货币。VR AR有望成为领涨品种,长期可能改变消费和生产业态、空间大,持续有催化,一级市场估值提升、新品新应用有望不断推出,将刺激二级市场的神经;前期超跌的计算机类主题有望修复估值,中期尤其看好政府鼓励、增速最快的云计算大数据;短期关注 Pay催化的移动支付;教育板块也发生了深刻变化,去年底修改教育法和高等教育法后,允许高等教育特别是职业教育盈利和证券化,期待政策催化和民资进入。  作者:张志斌来源一财网)相关的主题文章:

Unfamiliar Street response Cai Chongxin into the board of directors simple personnel changes 凤凰传说之独宠娇夫

The unfamiliar street responded to Cai Chongxin to the board of directors: simple personnel change Sina Francisco February 24th morning news, unfamiliar street today to Sina responded to the board of directors of personnel changes a thing, that Cai Chongxin replaced Zhang Hongping in the unfamiliar street will simply company personnel changes, also shows that the Alibaba and Cai Chongxin’s attention to the unfamiliar street, and that of Cai Chongxin experience and Ali’s position is very important for the unfamiliar street for future business development will play the help. The response did not involve speculation about privatization. In February 23rd, according to the SEC documents submitted by the unfamiliar street today, Cai Chongxin, vice chairman of Alibaba group, replaced Zhang Hongping, general manager of Alibaba capital and vice president of Alibaba group, into the unfamiliar street board, and the unfamiliar street shares rose by over 10%. For Cai Chongxin replaced Zhang Hongping to join the unfamiliar street board, the unfamiliar street first time expressed inconvenient to comment, all the information are SEC announcement as the standard. However, there are external news that the move and unfamiliar street privatization to get Alibaba support, in the capital and financial aspects of the experienced Cai Chongxin or can play a crucial role. Unfamiliar street since June 2015 announced privatization, and did not disclose or disclose substantial progress. Whether Tang Yan or other executives, in the interview, the official caliber is: in progress, but more inconvenience to disclose. February 24th morning, unfamiliar street to Sina responded: "Mr. Cai Chongxin succeeded Mr. Zhang served as director of personnel changes just simple, Mr. Cai personally join the unfamiliar street board that Ali and Mr. Cai my attention to the unfamiliar street, unfamiliar street also feel very honored. Mr. Cai’s experience and his position in Ali will play a very important role in the development of the future business of unfamiliar street." From the response point of view, unfamiliar street in response to the replacement of directors did not involve privatization, but did not deny. Compared to the Qihoo 360 substantive action frequently, an important reason for privatization is not obvious in the unfamiliar street is considered in terms of capital. After all, in order to privatize, and even to mortgage buildings and a series of "360" trademark price, change to China Merchants Bank to provide 7 year loan of 3 billion dollars and 400 million dollars bridge loan. Therefore, Cai Chongxin entered the board of directors, is also considered to be an important signal to speed up the process of privatization of unfamiliar street. It is worth mentioning that, on the unfamiliar street said "future business development" point of view, more likely to point to privatization. Unfamiliar Street currently for the future development of business, the official publicity in the public more commercial mobile marketing and unfamiliar street scene, the former has become unfamiliar street second camp source, the latter is an important exploration of unfamiliar street in the field of live. Combined with Cai Chongxin’s experience and experience, the deep capital and financial experience of Ali figure two, at this time into the unfamiliar street board, and not for commercial mobile marketing and unfamiliar street site is so simple. (Li Gen)

陌陌回应蔡崇信入董事会:单纯人事变动   新浪科技讯 2月24日上午消息,陌陌今日向新浪科技回应了董事会人员变动一事,认为蔡崇信取代张鸿平进入陌陌公司董事会只是单纯人事变动,也说明阿里巴巴和蔡崇信本人对于陌陌的重视,并认为蔡崇信的经验和在阿里的地位对陌陌未来的业务发展会起到非常重要的帮助。回应中并未涉及外界猜测的私有化。   2月23日,根据陌陌今日递交的SEC文件显示,阿里巴巴集团副董事长蔡崇信取代阿里资本董事总经理兼阿里巴巴集团副总裁张鸿平进入到陌陌董事会,陌陌更是盘前股价大涨超10%。   对于蔡崇信此番取代张鸿平加入陌陌董事会,陌陌方面第一时间表示不方便置评,所有信息均以SEC公告为准。不过也有外界消息称,此举与陌陌私有化获得阿里巴巴支持有关,在资本和财务方面深具经验的蔡崇信或能起到至关重要的作用。   陌陌自2015年6月宣布私有化以来,并没有对外公布或透露有实质性进展。无论是唐岩还是其他高管,在接受采访时的官方口径都是:在进行中,但不便透露更多。   2月24日早间,陌陌向新浪科技回应称:“蔡崇信先生接替张先生出任董事只是单纯的人事变动,蔡先生亲自加入陌陌董事会说明阿里和蔡先生本人对陌陌的重视,陌陌公司也感到非常荣幸。蔡先生的经验和在阿里的地位会对陌陌未来的业务发展起到非常重要的帮助。”   从回应来看,陌陌对于董事换人一事的回应中并未涉及私有化,但也未否认。   相较于实质性动作频频的奇虎360来说,陌陌私有化进展不明显的重要原因被认为是在资金方面。毕竟前者为了私有化,甚至还以抵押大楼和一系列“360”商标的代价,换得招商银行提供的7年期30亿美元贷款和4亿美元过桥贷款。   因此蔡崇信进入董事会,也被认为是陌陌加速私有化进程的重要信号。   值得一提的是,就陌陌所说的“未来的业务发展”来看,更多可能指向私有化。   陌陌目前针对未来的发展业务中,此前官方在公开场合宣传较多的是商业化移动营销和陌陌现场,前者已经成为陌陌第二大营收来源,后者则是陌陌在直播领域的重要探索。   结合蔡崇信的经验和履历来看,这位深具资本和财务经验的阿里二号人物,此时进入陌陌董事会,并不会为了商业化移动营销和陌陌现场那么简单。(李根)相关的主题文章: