Cheap to buy low-end machine freshmen cheated

High prices to buy low-end machine freshmen shop cheated Online quoted 2600 yuan laptop actually sold nearly $4900 in the store. September 22nd morning, the reporters follow the Jiangxi university freshman Yuan Chao arrived at the New Bayi Avenue two computer city Department 117, No. 119 days Lenovo stores, found that all the computer store to sell no price tag. Freshman to buy a computer to be fooled according to Yuan Chao, he came to Nanchang in September 18th the original Xindadi computer city, already bought a $3000 ASUS notebook computer, the clerk was removed, the requirement to pay 400 yuan fee or buy other types of disassemble, in the shop of notebook computer. Then the clerk recommended a Lenovo notebook computer, said this is the latest game, and opened by the store to pay fees. When Yuan Chao ready to buy, the clerk asked him to pay 1000 yuan difference. Later, the clerk for the computer to update the system, also known as the market introduction of the new policy, the Windows10 system of this computer is the seven day trial, days after normal use to buy genuine system, but also its pay 900 yuan fee system. Eventually, Yuan Chao to the total price of 4899 yuan to get the computer. High price to buy the low-end machine back to the bedroom, Yuan Chao silly eye, the eyes of the laptop is not the model he was buying. This computer in Jingdong offer only 2600 yuan, and the clerk and a variety of reasons that I spent nearly 4900 yuan, which allow consumers to dare to buy anything?" Yuan Chao said a sad face. Yuan Chao to find the city of the city’s marketing department asked to return, but the market has been sold to the computer, no return refused. September 22nd, the reporter came to the store with him to understand the situation. The reporters found that the store mainly to sales of Lenovo, ASUS, DELL computer, the entire store is 60 square meters, all placed in the computer on the counter no price tag. For Yuan Chao’s rights, businesses start arrogant attitude, emotion, told reporters in an interview to ignore heap curses on it. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the relevant staff of the Xihu District trade and Industry Bureau, to see the staff of the trade and Industry Bureau revealed the face, the store manager surnamed Xiong came forward to explain the matter, and discuss the solution with Yuan Chao. Merchants agreed to change the old machine in the reporter and the coordination of the staff of the trade and Industry Bureau, the two sides reached a settlement, the store agreed to Yuan Chao for a value of about 4000 yuan laptop. September 23rd, Yuan Chao once again call the reporter said, the store to give him a laptop may be a second-hand computer. Yuan Chao said, I went back to the bedroom to open the computer and found that the packaging instructions are dilapidated, as well as scratches. The computer CD-ROM are dust, not new." "The hand computer striking one snag after another, or old, just did not expect the college was business lesson." Yuan chao. In September 25th, the reporter again contacted the Lenovo Yang days in store communication consultations, Yuan Chao finally in the store to a notebook computer basic satisfaction. Trade and Industry Bureau staff to remind consumers, shopping must be prepared to collect good information. For goods that do not understand, especially.相关的主题文章: