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China’s 11 generation LCD panel line landing   three major problems to be solved: home appliances — original title: China’s 11 generation LCD panel line landing three major problems to be solved are as expected, the world’s highest generation LCD panel production line again Lazi Chinese. In August 29th, TCL group announced that, Huaxing Power in Shenzhen Guangming New District, 46 billion 500 million yuan investment in the construction of the eleventh generation of TFT-LCD and AMOLED new display production line project under the flag, and the establishment of G11 item company, the long rumored G11 generation line finally settled. However, sprint to the world’s first goal in the production of liquid crystal panel in China, the industry has to build the high generation line raised concerns. The global LCD panel production capacity will be surplus? How to LCD and OLED of the contest will be staged? How to break through the supply chain and equipment problem G11 generation line? Our new production line after the obvious advantages of December 2015, BOE 10.5 generation line in Hefei start. Less than a year later, Huaxing Power G11 landed in Shenzhen, China within two years of continuous investment in two more than 10 generation LCD panel production line project, which caused a sensation in the world display industry. It is understood that the G11 project agreement the parties intend to jointly invest in the construction of a 3370mm x 2940mm on the processing of the glass substrate 90 thousand and the eleventh generation TFT-LCD AMOLED new display production line, plans to start construction in December this year, officially in July 2019 to achieve mass production. From the strategic layout of Huaxing Power, large size, ultra high-definition TV has become a trend, but not in the layout of Huaxing Power 65 inch large size LCD panel, the oxide semiconductor Printing technology and OLED G11 generation line built, Huaxing Power will be on the large size panel market layout more perfect, which is conducive to the comprehensive to enhance the competitiveness of the LCD panel business. In recent years China’s investment in the construction of a number of high generation LCD panel production line, to build 11 generation line, the industry still put forward concerns and questions. Now South Korea SamSung gradually closed the 5 generation line and the 7 generation line, the transfer of funds to the AMOLED technology, and LGD is also a comprehensive layout of large size OLED panel. The day before, BOE chairman Wang Dongsheng also made clear in an "Chinese electronic newspaper" exclusive interview with reporters: "in the field of semiconductor display, BOE principle not to invest in TFT-LCD production line, focus on investment in the future of AMOLED is a new generation of display technology." So, in this case, whether our country should also invested heavily in the construction of LCD panel production line? In this regard, Tsinghua University professor Zhang Baizhe told the "Chinese electronic newspaper" reporter, compared with other regions in 2010 before the construction of high generation production line, China’s new technology and equipment used in the production line is more advanced, the advantage is obvious. In the competition with the OLED, LCD technology is more and more fast, there is still much room for development. And OLED in order to become the mainstream alternative to LCD, you must enter the color TV market. Experts to reporters such an account: a)相关的主题文章: