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[color] baby Shuangseqiu 16121st recommended [color] music summary baby heart small day Shuangseqiu 16121st period: focus on the tail basketball loans 2016120 lottery results for 020506212528 + 09, and the value fell to 87 points, 1 road and tail value cold six debut, the double chromosphere first prize 6 note, prize pool has risen to 1 billion 54 million. 2016121 red basketball will be how to fall, now, let’s start by Shuangseqiu today in history to analyze the historical period of the ball shape: red first prize in history: 121, 12 had 2 historical periods (2004121 out of 07 state numerical and 2010121 out of 08), the remaining 10 the first period award number were shaken at 01 to 04 range, with 01 out of 02, mostly, 03, 04, 2016121 of the first prize, is still optimistic about the thermal performance. The tail number, only 4 out of 2 prefix number interval (2007121 out of 28, 2012121 out of 24, 2013121 out of 27, 2015121 out of 29), the remaining 8 were in the 3 prefix interval setting number, value even more open, the main watch ball Pteris 29-32. And value of red in the 121 calendar year turn out 116-116-104-111-137-77-105-130-83-74-96-102100 above point more significant advantages, in accordance with the above ball trend analysis, 2016 121 should be near the 110 point and value choice. Surprising, continuous out in the history of 121 period in 0 groups of 8, out of 1 group 4, 2-3 group does not occur from missing the numerical point of view, the largest annual number for 3 consecutive odd omissions during this period, the odd number of continuous form open probability is not high, may be 0 group. Basketball rules: seen from the history of the 121 big basketball basketball number, numerical advantage (out of a total of 7), from the blue tail code and data, 0-2 small tail code overall dominant, this period mainly optimistic about the numerical warming (small tail code: 0-2,: 3-6,: 7-9). Experts predict 8+2:04,05,12,16,19,27,30,31 + 05,06 6+1:04,16,19,27,30,31 + 06 [color] baby biyuntian Shuangseqiu 16121st: 16 red ball 3 yards blue bile bile: 06,25,31 red bile: 02,03,06,25,31 recommended 5 red code red No. 3 Lore: 26 kill code: 08,26,28 red is determined to kill 6 Number: 08,14,20,26,28,29 blue, bile: 16 basketball: 07,13,16 basketball lottery three bile direction: 05,06,07,13,16 kill number: 02 basketball basketball kill number: 02,09,15 kill blue)相关的主题文章: