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Curitiba shirtless for Kobe who was the first to sign, honey! (GIF) Curitiba shirtless autograph sina sports news Beijing time on February 15th, the all star tournament East and West down the curtain, West to 196 points victory over the eastern record. Since it was the last All-Star tour of Kobe Bryant’s NBA career, he was undoubtedly the biggest focus. Not only fans, but sometimes stars. Stephen – curry fire bar, people are today’s hottest star NBA, but Meng God also idol, will also star. For example, after today’s game, curry went after Kobe. Looking for Kobe to sign after the library had just returned to the locker room, the library is off his all star Jersey, then guangzhebangzi walk to the locker before Kobe. What for? Want to sign?. Kobe sat on the stool, happily agreed with the younger brother, signed his signature to the library, and then shook hands with the two. It seems that the debate of "first division honey" is still going on. Curry with Kobe daughter photo as a new generation of star representatives, curry is considered the post Kobe era is most likely to become one of the national idol, NBA is such a generation of star inheritance, only today’s influence. And curry in looking for Kobe signature, but also with Kobe’s two baby daughters take a picture, as photographer is not others, it is Kobe. (Chang Chang)

库里光膀子找科比要签名 谁是第一科蜜!(gif) 库里光膀子要签名   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月15日,全明星东西部对抗赛落下大幕,西部以创纪录的196分大胜东部。由于这是科比-布莱恩特NBA生涯最后一次全明星之旅,因此他毫无疑问的成为最大的焦点。   追星的不光是球迷,有时候球星也会追星。史蒂芬-库里火吧,人是当今NBA最炙手可热的球星,但萌神也有偶像,也会追星。比如说今天比赛结束后,库里就去追科比了。 库里找科比要签名   赛后刚回到更衣室,库里就脱下了自己的全明星战袍,就那么光着膀子走到了科比的更衣柜前。干什么?要签名啊。科比坐在凳子上,欣然答应了小兄弟的要求,给库里签名,然后两人握手致意。看来,“第一科蜜”之争还在继续啊。 库里跟科比女儿合影   作为新一代球星的代表,库里被认为是后科比时代最有希望成为全民偶像的一个,NBA就是这样一代代球星传承,才有了如今的影响力。而库里在找科比签名之后,还跟科比的两个宝贝女儿合影留念,担任摄影师的不是别人,正是科比。   (昌昌)相关的主题文章: