Dalian 5 years of reform and development across there will always be a witness in time-sweets parade

Dalian 5 years of reform and development across: there will always be a witness in the visible details let the time development, quietly changing the appearance of the city; and development achievements cannot see, deep into people’s smile. Bay Bridge, orderly traffic carefree forward, measure the city infrastructure construction height; Lu Jie, deeply people in front of the clean face, telling the action appearance and environmental remediation fruitful; garden, every detail is hidden in the brick sculpture between the record "the pace of the construction of sponge city"; the road, convenient City subway, speeding up people’s quality of life; talent coffee shop, a picture of youth faces, share the city talent dividend policy…… Visible development details, silently changing the city face. And invisible development achievements, is deeply integrated into people’s smile. The past five years have been the crucial period for Dalian to speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development, as well as the key period for ensuring and improving people’s livelihood. In this particular five years, Dalian has established its own four major urban development strategies: open leadership, transition development, people’s livelihood priority and quality building. The city human resources, efforts to build a harmonious society to protect and improve people’s livelihood, so that the fruits of development to maximize the benefit of the people of the city. In the past five years, opportunities and challenges have coexisted, and hope and worry will be with us. The Communist Party of Dalian city Chinese since the Eleventh Congress, the economic development system more perfect, significantly enhance the capability of independent innovation, social progress, social security system and public service system perfect, social management level significantly improved, social harmony and stability; continue to strengthen the construction of democracy and rule of law; to promote the reform of the cultural system, the quality of civilization constantly improve; improve the ecological environment, urban and rural construction more beautiful; the scientific level of Party building to further improve. Throughout the city’s various areas of good growth, attracted the attention of the world. "The most attractive foreign Chinese city" top 100 Dalian Academy of Social Sciences published in 2015 Chinese; "city competitiveness blue book" the top 50 list of Dalian City, sustainable competitiveness ranked 11 in the country, the city’s comprehensive competitiveness ranked eighteenth; for the first time appeared in the "global financial center index ranked fifty-first; Dalian talent competition index of the fourth; global livable city ranking, Chinese, eight city finalists, Dalian ranked sixth; Dalian people’s livelihood development index of the national eighth North first released results; evaluation of basic public services in 38 major city of the country, public satisfaction of Dalian ranked seventh…… In the past five years, Dalian has been blooming in countless "headlines", highlighting the rapid growth of Dalian in opportunities and challenges. Standing on a new starting point, the clarion call for progress is more loud and clear. Not far ahead, stands the factor aggregation ability, investment environment advantages and regional vitality of the role of big Dalian; industrial structure better and more powerful endogenous innovation in Dalian; social harmony and upgrade the texture of life for the happiness of Dalian; development of better quality, more cultural grade, city more attractive the civilization of Dalian. Since the beginning of today, the new business daily will pay attention to the solid growth of the city in the past five years

大连改革发展5年跨越:总有一种见证让时间留驻   看得见的发展细节,默默改变着城市面貌;而看不见的发展成就,则深深地融入到人们的笑容里。   星海湾大桥,有序的车流畅快前行,丈量着城市基础设施建设的高度;路街上,深入百姓门前的整洁面貌,诉说着市容环境整治行动的累累硕果;游园里,藏在砖瓦雕塑间的每一处细节,记录着“海绵城市”的建设步伐;马路下,方便快捷的城市地铁,提速着人们的品质生活;人才咖啡店里,一张张青春洋溢的面孔,分享着城市人才政策的红利……看得见的发展细节,默默改变着城市面貌。而看不见的发展成就,则深深地融入到人们的笑容里。   过去的五年,是大连加快转变经济发展方式的攻坚期,也是保障和改善民生的关键期。在这特别的五年里,大连为自己确立了四大城市发展战略:开放引领、转型发展、民生优先和品质立市。全市上下凝心聚力,着力构建以保障和改善民生为重点的和谐社会,让发展成果最大限度惠及全市人民。   过去的五年,机遇和挑战并存,希望与忧患同在。中国共产党大连市第十一次代表大会以来,经济发展体制机制更加完善,自主创新能力显著增强,社会事业全面进步,社会保障体系和公共服务体系日趋完善,社会管理水平明显提高,社会和谐稳定;民主法治建设持续加强;文化体制改革全面推进,市民文明素质不断提高;生态环境明显改善,城乡建设更加优美;党的建设科学化水平进一步提高。   遍布这座城市各个领域的不俗成长,吸引了世界目光的关注。《中国最具外资吸引力地市百强》大连荣膺榜首;社科院发布2015年中国《城市竞争力蓝皮书》前50名城市名单,大连可持续竞争力排全国11,城市综合竞争力排名第18位;首次入选“全球金融中心指数”排名第51位;大连人才竞争指数全国第四;全球宜居城市排名,中国大陆八城市入围,大连排第六;大连民生发展指数全国第八北方第一;国内38个主要城市基本公共服务评价结果出炉,民众满意度大连排名第七……五年间,大连在数不清的“头条”里绽放,彰显着大连在机遇和挑战间的超速成长。   站在新的起点上,奋进的号角更加嘹亮。不远的前方,矗立着那个要素聚集能力强、投资发展环境优、区域带动作用大的活力大连;产业结构更优、内生动力更足的创新大连;社会更加和谐、生活更加殷实的幸福大连;发展更有质量、文化更具品位、城市更富魅力的文明大连。   自今日始,新商报将系列关注这五年来城市那些坚实的成长,在梳理中蓄能,以利更好的前行!   记者李莹相关的主题文章: