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Dante "password" first weekend victory ten years in front of another classic – Entertainment Sohu Dante "password" exposure action poster version of "the Da Vinci code" series sequel to the ten years to return to Tom – Hanks and Philippines – and Jones’s death mask Dante clues Sohu entertainment news 2016 new annual burning brain adventure movie "Dante" password in October 28th, North American cinema China synchronous landing. As the Hollywood movie carnival season, the opening of the painting, the "Da Vinci code" series of the latest sequel at the first weekend box office has exceeded 86 million yuan, and won the box office champion for the first time in a row for 3 days. The strong performance of ten years in front of a box office classic film "Dante" tells the story of a double blow password of Professor Landon in amnesia and hallucinations, in order to save the human race against time to find that the story of the virus. Early in the film before, "Dante code" has attracted the attention of people outside the industry, the original author Dan Brown, Director Ron Howard, starring Tom Hanks, the "golden iron triangle" again as the continuation of ten years of classic, religious art and suspense burning brain perfect fusion of subjects by innumerable people have high hopes. The first week after Dante "password" box office exceeded 86 million mark, the box office accounting has been more than row piece accounted for, not only shows a series of high popularity there is no doubt that the great potential of the market is more visible China film. The movie "Dante" is currently in the nationwide password.相关的主题文章: