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| depth data and the algorithm is biased as a man, you are willing to make artificial intelligence to help you vote? Sohu Economic Forum technology from World machine: Li Zenan, Cao Rui in the heart to compile the 2016 US presidential election approaching, some researchers and practitioners are taking advantage of this trend has launched some artificial intelligence program data to predict the outcome of the election is based on, but just like humans like themselves, they support the presidential candidates are not the same (some Russians the development of an artificial intelligence program would choose Trump as President: O). In the future, if the algorithm has become the steward of our daily life, we can let the algorithm to help elect the president? Imagine an ordinary day in 2020, when an artificial intelligence assistant calls you up and prepares you for breakfast. In the morning run, the player will automatically play with your favorite songs. On the way to work, the electronic assistant will automatically push the news to you for your reading. You read the news and notice that the presidential election is about to come, and it is a reference to your past political views and the opinions of other voters in the state. On your mobile phone, a pop-up message asks if you need a AI assistant to help you prepare the documents you need to vote, you click "yes", and then turn off the screen and continue your life. Artificial intelligence: rigid machine data AI personal assistant has come into reality in a few years ago, for us, the responsibility of citizenship and they still seem inappropriate — even if artificial intelligence is almost always know at a particular time to give us the best advice. Through a lot of data, artificial intelligence can provide accurate, personalized advice for everyone, even more perfect than the advice of your closest friends. Eric, chairman of Alphabet,, believes that the development of artificial intelligence will enable everyone to become smarter, more capable, and more successful than others. ·. Artificial intelligence has shown great potential to help solve the complex challenges facing human society, such as climate warming, population growth and human development. However, the potential of the machine has also brought concern. A survey showed that 34% of people said they were afraid of artificial intelligence, while 24% of people believe that artificial intelligence will have a negative impact on society. Compared to the unknown fear, artificial intelligence for data dependence brings a real risk, GWI’s research shows that 63% of people are worried about their personal information is abused by technology companies. Oxford Internet Institute recent study shows that people are cautious to make artificial intelligence assistant to take care of their own way of life, especially when these suggestions assistant, but do not tell you when it’s reasoning process. Here, we do not need to confuse mathematics and magic. Artificial intelligence is not a mysterious creature that lives in your cell phone. But we tend to forget that artificial intelligence has been reading our profile through complex n相关的主题文章: