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Do not take the legal way to tear each other is bullying! As a typical representative of Sohu – technology to Internet companies are forced to tear Chinese culture may have become the China social and economic development in a very unique phenomenon, but along with the market competition intensified, in order to guarantee the growth of the market, China has been more domestic and foreign enterprises rely on. Therefore, the mutual tearing force between friends can not only highlight the status of the Chinese market, but also can fully demonstrate the fierce degree of competition in an industry. Therefore, after some crisis some star enterprise, here we are, there will always be a variety of plot twists and turns very very touching. In a lot of the story, but personally think, Samsung Note7 battery explosion out of the friendship between the conspiracy theory must be able to enter the tearing force ranking top three. However, in the opinion, like each other between the open tear between enterprises Samsung and HUAWEI leaders, if not to the way of legal ways to solve the formal, the tear open is bullying. The damage to the parties is also obvious, perhaps the judicial approach is the end of the endless words of the best choice. First, the story straight down, who do you believe in the end? Samsung Note7 battery explosion incident, when we focus on how to survive the crisis, Samsung Samsung mobile phone market China why to recall approach differences and popular Samsung when fried piece and so on, Samsung suddenly thrown out of a "conspiracy theory": in the Chinese market, the explosion the battery is subjected to external force caused by intentional heating. That two consumers in an explosion of 2 this month, WeChat and Baidu posted "just got the coral blue bomb, to really explode, the threat of Samsung for money", become a strong evidence of speculation. Battery manufacturers Amperex Technology Limited ATL released this afternoon shows that Samsung Electronics said the company in conjunction with the client on the problems of the samples were studied and the judgment of the combustion of the sample with the company production of the battery has no direct relationship, that the heat source from the battery body, there may be other large external factors cause fever, will be together customers continue to pay close attention to the use of products in the market. Samsung Electronics announced that it is discussing the criminal prosecution of 2 Chinese consumers advocating false explosion and other legal responses. With the revelations of information deeply, external heating practices, directed at the domestic famous mobile phone manufacturer HUAWEI has a major suspect behind. This is the people sitting at home, but fell from the sky! HUAWEI, a black bear suddenly on the international friends of infamy, so HUAWEI terminal company also had issued a public statement: no relationship between events and HUAWEI, and keep the legal rights accountable. Late on the night of September 20th 23:50, the global times official micro-blog and forwarded to a "country Note7 first broke the news: if there are rumors of fried Samsung please tell me:" micro-blog for the first official statement, fried broke people responded that, as a small consumers unable to blame and questioned the so-called "right Samsung] detection相关的主题文章: