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Du Yanan: strong tackling   in the four quarter; the decisive victory won the annual – Anhui Channel – people.com.cn September 29th all day long, and comprehensively promote the work of the government executive meeting forum held in the city center, mayor Du Yanan presided over the meeting. The main task of the conference is a comprehensive study and implement the four Party Congress spirit, review this year, municipal government work arrangements for the four quarter and full year ending work, careful planning of the objectives and tasks of economic and social development in 2017. At the meeting, Municipal Statistics Bureau informed the development of economic 1~8 in the city, the municipal government supervises the room "informed the municipal government work report" to determine the objectives and tasks, post responsibility target, the work of the government issues list, the mayor indicated, municipal government executive will determine the province of city matters, target management assessment, five "one vote veto" matters such as seven aspects of the work completed, all the municipal government deputy mayor and Secretary General respectively around the respective division of speech, a comprehensive summary of 9 months of this year to the responsibilities, objectively pointed out the existing problems, in-depth analysis of the fourth quarter and next year work plan. Guoyang County, Mengcheng County, Lixin County, Qiaocheng district government and the Bozhou Economic Development Zone, Wu Bo modern industrial park administrative committee spoke at the meeting. Du Yanan pointed out that the Communist Party of Bozhou China just concluded the fourth congress system, summed up the third party congress since the work of science to determine the goal and key work of the next five years in our city, we seize the opportunity and to the well-off, struggling to walk in the forefront of the programme of action for the revitalization of northern anhui. The county, municipal departments should carry out a comprehensive study of the four Party Congress spirit, further emancipate the mind, forge ahead, do solid work, to ensure the grand blueprint for the Congress to depict step by step into a bright reality. Du Yanan pointed out that this year, the city on the "struggling to walk in the north of Anhui, the revitalization of the forefront of" vigorously promote the supply side structural reform, in-depth implementation of the "transfer promotion action plan, seize the opportunity, innovation, stable economic good, continue to enhance future development, the work has achieved remarkable results, the main economic indicators of me city growth continued to remain at the forefront of the province. 1~8 months, the city’s 24 major economic indicators, the 18 growth rate in the province’s top 8, the growth rate ranks the top 5 in the province, the province’s 2 growth rate in the first place in the 11. But it is still facing great pressure, target assessment carry some indicators of growth, large debts left huge difficulty task. To score, to face the reality and enhance confidence fully affirmed, the rapid formation of a strong atmosphere of decisive victory. Du Yanan stressed that to focus, strong tackling, sprint speed, to ensure the full win index carry, the problem rectification, project investment, speed, elements of security, improve people’s livelihood by the end of six ending battle. At present, the distance from the end of time, heavy task, great pressure, the city departments at all levels should unify the thought, spirit, momentum, seize the day, on the successful completion of the objectives and tasks issued early, resolute, ningchengyigusheng, daring Ganpin, fight to win or die, strong tackling the four quarter, the decisive victory wins throughout the year to ensure that in the performance evaluation of target management to carry. To get together相关的主题文章: