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College-University Eagle Scouts is the highest rank attainable by a boy scout in Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and an honor to receive. They are expected to set an example for other scouts. Their scholarships are not in the public view as much as other ones and many overlook this when they apply to colleges. National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) offers academic and merit based scholarships. NESA and Mable and Lawrence S. Cooke Scholarships offer awards based on one’s academic acheivements. NESA awards are also categorized as spiritual based, related to one’s school, civic oriented and military categories. The Elks National Foundation gives out a number of awards yearly to those in twelve grade planning to go to college. Another source is Veterans of Foreign Wars. In addition to one’s academic grades, looking at the community involvement is important as well. The American Legion has college funding and is worthwhile to investigate for one’s future studies. Certain schools have the Eagle Scout scholarship and these include Missouri Valley, Texas A and M as well as Dowling College. In your essay be sure to write about how being in the boy scouts helped you develop certain traits, lessons you’ve learned and how you’ve applied them in your daily life. For many, the boy scouts was a vehicle to learn about sacrifice, team work, overcoming fear, independence and persistence. These qualities are instrumental in one’s future success whether in college or the work force. Examples of certain learning experiences you’ve had when you were in the scouts would be helpful to add to your essay. If your scout leader was a mentor, review some of the important tips you picked up when you write your college scholarship essay. Other sources for awards include The National Catholic Committee on Scouting. Jewish Eagle Scouts and Frank Weil Memorial Scholarships. There are a variety of opportunities and awards available for those with scouting backgrounds and accomplishments. Don’t restrict yourself to just one type of college funding but in addition to scout related scholarships look into the many other ones offered. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: