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Even if the mad cut maximum scale 2 hours it is still a recent cinema from the public, "playing the movie" (id:wan2movie) weak and boring 2016 summer finally came to an end, then there will be two science fiction works into our vision: "Star Trek 3" and "animal parasitic". Today, I would like to talk about a small play, a super popular change works parasitic beast. Familiar with the comic book readers know that this work is adapted from the rock of the same name science fiction comics. It was born in 1988, was completed in 1995, in Japan, was the altar of science fiction. Honey is about biological "small right" and the high school students in a new spring after a "symbiotic" relationship between a adventure. The theme of the work involves a lot of factors that seem to be very advanced at the time, such as the protection of the earth’s environment, the coexistence of man and the alien, etc.. "Beast" is not only the parasitic Manmi regarded as classics, also has an impact on the film industry, it is said that 91 years the advent of "Terminator 2" in T-1000 were inspired by the parasitic beast "forms of combat. "Terminator 2" T-1000 in the comic’s live version in 2014 and more than 15 years, in the form of landing in Japanese cinema, caused no small repercussions. Of course, in a large number of neon changing works, parasitic beast is not the most satisfied with the fans of the original one, but compared to it, it is considered a conscience. The high degree of reduction of the parasitic head man eating beast decomposition effects, in the film is not released when there has been little discussion, "scary but want to see" this is a small play was the real idea. Today, although the time difference with Japan is more than a year, but we finally have a chance on the big screen to see parasyte gobble down! Only just…… We’ll see is "fast version"! Nani!??? In other words, we will see the original version of the top two cut version. The original nearly four hours (109 minutes +117 minutes) of the film will be cut into a living for an hour (125 minutes), the index of blood is not more than the picture of the parasitic beast eating people. You might ask: what exactly did you cut? The film does not affect the perception? Before you choose to enter the small theater, playing first take you count this time you’ll miss the 1234 and 5678, you can not miss… Mother, 1 men and a new spring mother before. Foreshadowing "fast edition" only at the beginning stage, and then suddenly become the innocent gun parasitic beast, after the classic site Viaduct over the day completed a martial arts contest. In contrast, the original in order to pave the way between adolescents and her mother’s emotional line, there are many details of life show, for example, every time her mother home from work to pass a food stalls, buy three yuan rissole, only because the son of love. In addition, the mother suddenly raised his right hand and mother mother burn war’s right hand, a design of the front-end, was cut off at the beginning of the fast version, leaving only the end so seriously the audience may feel a little unknown)相关的主题文章: