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Every day, NBA]31 [surplus ball basket color trend: the Clippers firepower Beijing time on November 1st, NBA arranged for the 4 contest, the clippers and the start of the season against the same back-to-back back-to-back 3 game losing streak of the sun, so -10.5 home court is not deep dish; the King opened a trip, the first guest to face old eagles; season two game winning streak the Bulls face away canzhen nets; the Raptors against the Nuggets, the field team only to -7.5, much smaller than the previous season handicap. West: back to back test fire the Clippers sun today not enemy warriors, but the opponent is not opened the score difference of 12.5 points under the condition of the home court 6 points behind, but the season losing streak fact or let the young team bear no small pressure. The Clippers this morning 88 to 75 home court in the Jazz this season, two teams play the lowest score of NBA. While in the past the confrontation, nearly 10 war 8 wins and 2 losses, the Clippers dominated last season, but lost 2 times to the wounded man Ying sun, the two teams met the score would be no problem, 10 against 9 out of more than 200, the main clippers let -10.5 both teams, personnel neat situation feeling handicap shallow, you know today is 12.5 points out of the sun road warriors, the more likely the Clippers win win plate, the size of 206.5 separate proposals against large. The East: Bull full range suppression nets bull Season 2 wins, respectively home court win over the Celtics and the Pacers two rival, Wade and Rondo to revitalize the team attack, two scoring pobai. At present, the nets to Reggie, but ho joined after a good performance, but the overall strength of a team, the first home court victory over walker to one another, two game against the Celtics and the bucks are lost, do not appear to be spent playing situation. The bull guest lets +5.5, between the two sides strength handicap is not deep, but the size separated to 211.5, compared to the past has increased dramatically, mainly due to the changes in play. The proposal to hold the bull, the smaller the size of the smaller points. Melee: Toronto Eagle encounter with Western beast two supporting force in the East home court challenges facing downstream team in the west, the two are opened so that the main -7.5. Denver vs Toronto, Toronto loss to Cleveland has the rest 3 days, this season the team won a large contract personnel neat, DeRozan played super high data, the team is still the most powerful rival Eastern knight; the Nuggets opened the season 1 wins and 1 losses, home court overtime lost to the Blazers slightly regret, but a bunch of young players well, the two teams have outstanding athletic ability, the field is not optimistic about the victory can pass. The eagle king king vs, yesterday thrilling win over Minnesota, won the first victory of the new stadium, test God again to eat T, and six fouls, almost ruin a good bureau; the season 2 game winning streak, Warcraft after joining a second spring, the old and new two generation center definitely worth looking forward to, also need to win win plate Eagle wrong. More feature data concern every day surplus ball APP相关的主题文章: