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F -10 female pilots sacrifice investigation of the cause of progress: the black box found (Figure) pictures of gun salute heroes! The air force fighter -10 female pilot Yu Xu killed Beijing News (reporter Li Ming) the morning of November 12th, China Air Force aircraft flying to Hebei in Tangshan Yutian County accident crash, the plane of a female pilot was killed, another male pilots parachuting rescued. On the evening of 12, the air force China administrative micro-blog news release confirmed that the expense of the pilots is the air force fighter -10 female pilot Yu Xu. At noon yesterday, the reporter saw the incident, the crash is still under martial law, two excavators are operating around the pit. According to Chen shop Township armed person in charge, the scene of the wreckage search work is nearing completion, the plane crashed the engine and the black box on the night of the incident has been found, the cause of the crash is still under investigation. The scene is the wreckage of the aircraft search work at noon yesterday, in Yutian County, Chen Jia Pu Xiang, the reporter saw, located in the south of the village of Yang Pu hundred meters of a crop has several police blocked the road guard, villagers said, there is a plane crash site. There are a number of rescue workers on the scene, two excavators are working, the police said the scene is now being searched for wreckage. According to a witness surnamed Yu, the 12 on the morning of 9 pm, at the time he was two hundred meters away in the food. "Did not see the plane come from which direction, almost did not hear the sound of the engine aircraft, has been" bang "explosion startled." According to his description, when I looked back, the plane had crashed into the ground, take up more than ten meters of the black smoke, when the plane crashed, debris and mud flying out of a few hundred meters. "At that time, there was a plane in the sky, circled two laps and flew away." A villager said the incident in his own home, the crash also thought the earthquake, not long before the rescue workers rushed to the scene. Machine pit diameter of nearly 10 meters, more than 3 meters deep, pit can not see the frame, there is a layer of black oil, on the edge of the wire and broken parts." The villagers said, followed by rescue workers cordoned off the scene. Female pilots parachuting into the wing aileron sacrifice another villager said, after the plane fell to the ground, the pit on the edge of the wire is ignited, not long after the village there was a blackout. Many villagers told reporters that the two planes were found at the time of the incident, a plane crashed after another plane flew away from the scene, the two aircraft pilots parachuting, but one after parachuting into the wingman. "People’s Daily" WeChat official news release, the pilot parachute cabin, cabin female pilot Yu Xu parachuting into catapult wingman aileron, lead parachute failed, unfortunately at the expense of. 12 evening, the air force China administrative micro-blog news release, at the expense of a crash in the air force is Chinese f -10 female pilot Yu Xu, is the captain of the army in 2005, two air force pilots, flight, before sacrifice in the execution of flight training. Beijing News reporter learned that another man was successfully rescued from the crash plane parachuting. Male pilots have no trouble leaving the hospital reporter visited found rescued after the male pilot parachuting, landing in the vicinity of the village near zhao. Local villagers said the pilot was hanging on the roadside poles, after being rescued. Yutian county hospital emergency department staff told reporters, 12 am at 11.相关的主题文章: