Fan Bingbing served as chief executive officer pepper pepper experience led the night of 914 pepper

Fan Bingbing served as chief experience officer led 914 live pepper pepper night Beijing September Beijing – in 1,   in the lineup; in August 31st, officially announced the signing of Fan Bingbing pepper live through the official micro-blog, as chief experience officer pepper live. It is reported that Fan Bingbing will broadcast chief experience officer to pepper the debut in September 14th organized by the "Pepper night" awards ceremony, and on the same day for the first time in Pepper live broadcasting, close interaction with the fans. "Pepper night" awards ceremony held on September 14th, is the first live broadcast of the pepper industry to build industry event. That night, pepper night will usher in the strongest lineup, not only Fan Bingbing such an international superstar, as well as many big names and sports stars attended. Because of the convergence of domestic superstars and the hottest star anchor, pepper night was known as the broadcast industry, "Oscar", "Pepper night" awards ceremony will be selected 10 of the most influential and popular anchor at night and the selection of pepper, pepper annual best male and female anchor "," pepper the most the popular anchor "and other awards, encourage the excellent anchor for the current popular broadcast industry contributions. Analysis of industry experts, the signing of Fan Bingbing as chief experience officer pepper, pepper live not only help to improve visibility and reputation, at the same time with Fan Bingbing’s personal influence and coverage, also helps to develop more pepper age of the user. At a deeper level, pepper live Fan Bingbing signed, a further attempt is broadcast platform plus star IP, the superstar’s popularity and influence, or double growth can be driven live users and pepper brand image.相关的主题文章: