For not rob not surrender, Zhang Yixing has become China four big winners demonophobia

For not rob not surrender, Zhang Yixing has become China four big winners Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (Wen Yuqi)! Solo news Wuli Zhang Yixing are coarse small sheep, he will personally in the Chinese album, no surrender may be his debut, he became the first person to EXO! A message, a Korean entertainment circle, China friends applaud, said "we have Changsha small great pride" is indeed small pride ah "" small sheep solo!" Han network is also a voice of support. As a Chinese in Korea, so exclusive national development, but also get a good sound, it is not easy, once in the EXO section of the popularity of him, now quietly catching deer Han, Wu Yifan popularity. From the SM to the company he founded epoch-making personal studio, to escort him to the "ultimate challenge" by later became the Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper, and then to today solo alone, others may want a few years of struggle to get the achievement, Zhang Yixing only less than a year. What is more important is that he has two resources, both team members can not only separate development, termination of him, but has become a big winner in the four china. From May 2014 Wu Yifan and SM’s surrender, has over 2 years of zero in April, why say that Zhang Yixing was a big winner, first of all, first look at the development of the four now. Zhang Yixing: he is not leaving the four Chinese League, now across China and South Korea, resources hanging open in the evening of 19 broadcast programs in Korea "star show 360", the Zhang Yixing show in holding the guitar by his own lyricist, composer, arranger, arranged the Chinese song "monologue", received praise. The term "one-man show" rose to the top of the real time trend of twitter in korea. Netizens have praised the "is worthy of our little pride!" the constitution is also certified hot search Zhang Yixing’s high popularity. At the same time, in the TV series "old nine door" Oriental TV hit, Zhang Yixing’s February red image is touched and friends, that he was at the airport in South Korea South Korea many sisters call "putting". Not only that, the past two years, Zhang Yixing in the film, music, variety and other aspects can be described as full bloom, works endless. In May 4, 2015, Zhang Yixing starred in Da Hara’s film "love the former 2: spare counterattack", Zhang Yixing personally writing music and sang the movie theme song "one". In August 18th, Zhang Yixing starred in the TV drama "the first person" in the play as good sir, love cooking, persistent dream kitchen rookie cai. In September 26th, Zhang Yixing joined Stanley Tong’s starring Jackie Chan India CO produced the film "Kung Fu" yoga. In December of the same year, she starred in the fashion love comedy! Love! "Zheng Xiujing, partner. Especially in the "ultimate challenge", cute adorable little sheep image, but also attracted a large number of fans, many of whom are mom and aunt powder powder, the day before Zhang Yixing during the filming of the show, it was a high-profile confession: Zhang Yixing aunt powder! Aunt loves your aunt loves you, you are lovable!" Let Zhang Yixing can not help but smile. The poor sheep that was stolen from the box — facing Huang Lei master’s amazing brain相关的主题文章: